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I grew up playing sports such as softball, basketball, and track, and continuing softball threw college. I always in the weight room to be strong for the sport I needed to play. After college I continued to workout, but never really had a purpose or end goal besides to look good for summer like every girl does. Two years ago a very good friend of mine approached me to do a competition because of the frame I had he said I would be perfect for physique. I said why not lets get started training and hire a coach. Little did I know at the time I would fall in love with sport of bodybuilding and want to make it my career. Now I am a 2x nationally qualified physique competitor looking to get my feet wet in the 2018 season in a national show.

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My diet is a very different from off-season to prep-season. During prep season my coach gives me very detailed diet for six meals a day. Every 4 weeks it changes with ounces, carbs, and proteins if need be to cut weight leading up to show. I have found this to be the most helpful way for me as a competitor it is very stress free to have the detailed diet. My offseason diet is based on macros and calories. It is priorities to my build and body type.

My training during prep season consists of going to the gym at least twice a day for six days and one rest day. The morning session will focus on fasted cardio with added touch ups of a individual body part. The afternoon/night session is focused on the main body part I am training for the day followed by my last cardio session. Weight and reps vary from how many weeks away I am from show and carb intake. I also throw a little HIT in such as spin bike or sprints, but the dreaded stair master has been my best friend for cardio. Offseason is very different for me I go to the gym once a day for five days. The time I will go to the gym depends on my work schedule. During that session I focus on one body part and then a quick cardio session afterwards. Weights and rep are focused this time on building muscle for me so they are lesser and way heavier than prep season.

Always being in front of an audience playing sports helped me with confidence to step on stage. I have to say I was extremely nervous backstage before I stepped on stage for the very first time, but it was definitely a good nervous. Once I stepped on stage all the nervous feelings went away and I knew this was the sport for right sport for me, where I could thrive in. I feel every time I am on stage now I am displaying my hard work, sweat, and tears. It just makes me smile from the inside out, knowing all my hard work has led me to this moment.

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My most recent contest was the NPC Cajun Showdown held in Lafayette, La. My emotions where all over the place the day before the show. I was super excited, nervous, and stressed a little. Having to fly in the day before the show made it a little stressful for me. We had a delay and mishaps at the airport making us late arriving to Louisiana. Once I got to the hotel all the stress was gone and it was time to focus on show time. I got my tan and headed to check ins. The morning started very early getting hair, make up, and tan done. We got to prejudging I knew it was time to give it my all. After couple pose downs I was moved to second headed to night show. After prejudging was over it was time to send pics to coach and rest up night show. I finished my routine then they called out placings. I received second my emotions were proud, but down on myself. Placing second just gave me the drive to work harder than I did before for this offseason.

Being an competitor has changed my life in many ways. But mainly for the most positive reasons. From early mornings to late nights in the gym it is just a lifestyle now. It has given me a new outlook of what I do and put into body. Being young when I started I used to drink a lot that has changed drastically it is very minimum and only in offseason now. I hate to say it, but in this journey it shows you who your true friends are. Reason being when you choose not to live a certain lifestyle there is no reason for them to hang around you anymore.

My plans as of now are focused on building muscle mass and improving my weaker body parts to help get my physique pro card ready. My goal is to achieve my pro card and become a sponsored athlete within the next 2 years.

Email: dacheann@gmail.com

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