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I began this fitness journey just over a year ago and did it actually to help a friend kick off her online personal training business, and to be a trial person for her to use Juice Plus nutrition in conjunction with my contest prep. Prepping for my first competition in 12 weeks and competing in June of last year (2017).

I competed against 5 competitors in Figure Novice Short and took 1st and competed in the Open figure against 6 competitors and took 3rd. Little did I know this was the start of something more than I ever dreamed of.

After having a little “off season” through the summer, I decided in the end of September I would wing it, and throw in another competition with just 3 weeks of hard prep. So, I competed in my second competition in October of 2017. This competition had 10 athletes in my Figure Open short class, and I managed to still place 3rd. Then I knew this was something I was meant to keep doing.

Did it again!! Won my class, overall figure, another pro title, as well as best posing award! Thank you everyone for your support!! #wisconsinwarrior #nattyrevolution #figurecompetitor #figurechampion #figurepro

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So again, had some off-season training and reverse dieting back to some normal nutrition after that competition, then went back into a 16-week contest prep the end of January of this year (2018), with my eyes set on two big competitions. First the Diva Classic in Duluth MN on May 5th, 2018 as my warm up for my ultimate goal of coming out on top in the Wisconsin Warrior in Eau Claire WI on May 19th, 2018, just 2 weeks later. Wisconsin warrior was my ultimate goal because it was the first ever body building competition in Eau Claire, and with it being a home show for me, I knew I wanted that first ever title.

I got way more than I bargained for. Winning not just my class at the Diva, I also won the overall Figure title, earning my pro card, as well as best overall posing award. I didn’t just do it there...I then turned around and repeated this for the Warrior, earning all those titles and awards again. Each experience was fantastic, check in, athletes, the crew running the event, everything was done for the athletes and we were so well taken care of!

Earning back to back pro titles was pretty unreal! Hard work and determination pays off.

Through my experiences with contest prep and off season I have found a carb cycling works best for me. I usually have my carbs higher through off season, with fats and proteins about the same. Then in contest prep drop carbs down but flux them through the week to give my body that feed. Even with keeping a fairly high amount of carbs all the way through, my body withstands doing nearly zero cardio. I get a good hit workout in with my lifts a couple times a week, and here and there step on stair climber and that’s it. So, for my next prep I intend to adjust my cycle a little and add in more cardio to help lean out a bit more with the ability to keep some size.

And as for posing and stage presence practice is key! You need to be able to show your entire package with your posing, and if you can’t do that, a good physique alone won’t cut it. Getting a posing coach or going to a posing class to get tips and another eye is greatly recommended. I want to a posing class and got a few key things from that that really helped me hit my poses. We also had the opportunity to do a T walk routine for fun in the figure class in both of these past two shows, so I had a lot of fun prepping a very originally routine. I was told by the head judge that I was bringing back the lost art of posing. Amazing!

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Being a figure athlete has drastically changed my life, most for the good, but some for the bad. I have gained control of my health, found my passion for something again, have something amazing as this to keep my goals in check, and has opened up so many avenues to help so many others to better health and wellness. The only downfall is that some of your friends won’t understand why you do what you do, and some of those will walk away from you. You really learn who your true friends are. I would say so many good things that out weigh this one bad. Especially since I have made some really amazing friendships along the way!!

What’s next for me, getting ready for the pro stage! I am in an off season gain mode right now to put some size on until mid-July, then I’ll go back into contest prep for my pro debut on October 12th in Duluth MN. Once I hit the pro stage, I will always be considered a professional Figure athlete. So still lots of work ahead!

“Learn from your weaknesses and be driven by your strengths.” ~Courtney Spaeth, PNBA Figure Pro
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