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I was always the “behind the screen” fitness girl-meaning I loved following fitness accounts, watching workouts on YouTube etc. and slowly I started to implement them in the actual gym and my love for fitness grew. So again, my research turned towards bikini competitions, never in my life would I have imagined I’d actually be doing them, but I took a huge leap and said I’m doing it. And gave it 100% with no regrets.

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Well here it is??1st place in Novice B and 4th place in Open B??Big thanks and love to my husband @bboutdoors?? to my coach @keith_fabbri with @fabbrifitnessllc???? and to the ones that have supported me along the way. None of this would be capable without the support and love?? @angelcompetitionbikinis @theshoefairy_ @blingcompetitionjewelry @michigannpc #npc #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #michigannpc #npckalamazoo #bodybuilding #fitmom #gymlife #grind #momswholift #strong #fitfam #acbikini #theshoefairy #fnxambassador #preplife #dedication #goals #fitness #acbikinis #bikiniprep #competitor

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I currently have two shows under my belt, so that means two preps, two off seasons etc. So what I noticed between the two with my diet is we kept carbs in a tiny bit all the way up to show day. I would say I liked that, it helped me feel like I was actually eating food I suppose rather than tiny bits. I was previously on the same meal(s) every single day. Chicken/veggie/carb-the amounts varied, but for a year and half that’s what I was doing, Day in and day out. I said multiple times to outsiders, no I can’t have that, it’s not a bad food, but it’s not in my plan. So. I am currently moving in a new direction into MACROS and I couldn’t be more excited! This will help me actually learn so much more about my body and what it thrives on, or doesn’t.

First prep we took out carbs about 3 weeks out from show day. I was miserable. I felt weak, cranky, tired, basically run down. Second prep as I mentioned, we kept carbs in (I mean bare minimum) most of the way through, the week before peak week took them out and then carb loaded during peak week. Also at that time my water was depleted. I do not recommend that approach. It was horrible! I felt the most energetic, happy, fired up my whole entire second prep until 1 day out from show. Migraine, nausea, weak, you name it. I couldn’t even eat without feeling like I was going to pass out. I had 20oz of water, for the WHOLE DAY! Then ZERO water show day. My body did not look it’s best. Looked very flat, definition went to the way side. I was very disappointed, putting in all that work and then having my body give up on me halfway through show day.

Pretty much I do a workout split during the week, 5/6 days per week. Cardio is basically cut to a minimum during the offseason. Once prep starts I have been all the way up to 60 minutes fasted cardio and 35 minutes post training cardio. Again, I am switching to a different style of coaching, so I feel as though the cardio situation will be different.

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On stage

Self confidence is hard. Either you have it or you don’t or you’re really good at faking it. Haha. I’d like to say I’m right in the middle of each. I am a mother of 4 and the body is an amazing thing! And to be in this elite group of people who are SO dedicated, you have to have confidence!! “Own the stage” is something I tell myself. You put in SO much time, dedication, make many sacrifices to get on that stage. You better light it up!

Well, first show feels are insane. Nothing will top that first show high! All of it is new. You’re going through each step and emotion for the first time. Hitting the stage for the first time. It was truly the most amazing experience I’ve had for myself! Taking it all in backstage. Everyone around you has put in the work and they showed up. The second show was quite different I’d say. A lot smaller, athlete count was fairly low. It wasn’t a show of “firsts” anymore. So personally, I was let down emotionally by that. I didn’t expect to feel that way. As I mentioned with my “diet” and lack of water, I wasn’t feeling too notch with how my body looked. So to walk out on that stage not feeling 100, wasn’t the best feeling. But, it’s all about mindset! Stay positive, learn and grow from each prep, peak week and show day!

Becoming an athlete definitely brings up many challenges in your life. First, with yourself! You need to make that choice whether or not you can give it 100% every day. Second, support! You have to have it. Otherwise you’ll be struggling each step. Being a mom of 4, part time hair stylist at the biggest and number one salon in your area, and a wife, you can see how hard it would be to squeeze gym, meal prep and just being on top of it all into my lifestyle. Again, YOU need to make it a priority. Plain and simple. It’s on you if you don’t meal prep, or can’t get to the gym. Once it’s a priority everything will fall into place. Not saying it’s easy. Because it isn’t and wasn’t in the beginning. Doing fasted cardio and home by 6:30am to get the first kid off to school, the other 3 up and ready. Get myself ready for work, prepping meals, endless loads of laundry in between that, managing a household.
Work 9 hours, go to the gym for my lift and do more cardio, home by 11/12pm and then repeat. It definitely felt selfish at times. A lot of times. But I did my best to give my attention to my kids and husband and not make this whole change a big black cloud above everyone’s head. I was open and honest about it all, I made sure I was still having meals with my family, no I wasn’t eating what they were, but I was still sitting at the table with them. It got hard. My first prep was the hardest. Again it was all new! All the unknown. It was a mind game to say the least. So it goes back to that support. Having my family supporting me every step of the way was just as important to me as it was to eating the meals, doing the cardio and doing the lifts. It was all worth it.

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??SOUND ON?? As overwhelming as this was to even begin to sum up why I should be chosen to move onto ROUND ONE was also SO AMAZING! This is my official ROUND 2 video submission for @theshoefairy_ Angel Search. I am BEYOND thankful that I was even considered from my initial entry. This experience, all of it, has brought me right here! Confidence has always been something I was able to show on the outside, but inside I was screaming. But now I am a mentally and physically strong woman who is here to inspire and encourage each of you to go out and do something for YOU?? Thank you SO SO much and here goes nothin’ ?? #tsfangelsearch #theshoefairy #npc #npcbikini #womenempoweringwomen #confidence #michigannpc #momlife #strongwomen #grandrapids #bikinicompetitor #angelcompetitionbikinis #acbikinis #beyourself #fitspo #motivation #beyourself #fitmom #momlife #grandrapids @califitnessgym

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As of now I do not have a show planned. Once I get with my new coach we will talk show(s). I am not done for 2019, I would like to do at least one more this season. I’m VERY excited for this next chapter!


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