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My most recent contest was a Spectrum Fitness show in Sacramento beginning of June. I placed in the top 5 for two classes. I was overwhelmed and worried I would not place at all because of all the amazing high level of competition at this show. But I reminded myself I busted my butt and put in 120% and deserved to be there too. All the athlete are nice and fun to get to know. We had a lot of time to get to know each other which helped what is already a stressful day. I have done many shows and this last one was the least stressed out I had ever been at a show. Things ran smoothly.

3rd place Masters 35 and 4th novice ????It was a crazy long day/night and Iím horrible at taking a bunch of pictures ?? but Iíll post more later! . . . #spectrumfitness #norcal #bikinidivision #teamedge #reesesdonuts #nachos #treats #backatitmonday

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I have always been active and loved working out. I played basketball in college and have been a gym rat since high school. I love to do obstacle course races like Spartan Mud runs and have done boxing classes close to 10 yrs. Before competing I had a knee injury which kept me from running a lot. Someone mentioned to me that I should try out bodybuilding competitions. I did some research on it and ended up joining a team. I am an insulin dependent diabetic so regardless of off season or pre contest, I try to maintain a consistent and healthy diet plan to control my blood sugar levels. I eat higher calorie meals during off season. My body actually holds onto and builds muscle very easily. When I prep for a contest it is necessary for me to have lower calorie meals with higher vegetable and protein intake and lower carb, fats in order to lose weight and not build too much muscle. I have a coach that instructs me on meals to eat and what to include. Through trial and error, my body seems to respond better to lower fat diets and higher protein/carbs.

My very 1st competition I looked terrified and like a deer in headlights, lol. But since then I will practice non-stop my posing and the right angles to hit and best show off my physique. I also have one of my coaches that does classes for this as well and make any changes and adjustments as my body changes. I also talk to myself in my head and tell myself I have worked hard and deserve to be on that stage and to be proud of what I have to show the judges.

My training program entails everything. For me however, it has been more cardio and HIIT focused with only a small amount of weightlifting since my body adds muscle really easily. With lifting it usually includes plyos and low weight/high rep activities.

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I put a lot of work into a contest prep. It becomes one of my main priorities daily. My friends and family are supportive, but also get irritated because I put a lot of hours in the gym and my diet is restricted which means no crazy meals for me. When on prep I have a lot less extra time, but I enjoy a routine and schedule. I like to always have a goal or something I am working towards. Of course some days I am very tired and would like to give up during a prep, but the pros outweight the cons for me. I have to do a lot more monitoring of my diabetes as well during prep season. With the high amount of working out, that affects blood sugar levels.

I'm 3 weeks out from my next show which is a national competition! After that I will be in an improvement season and enjoy some goodies and treats that I donít get to do during my prep time.

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