Corrine Chalker - Bikini Competitor

How I got started? Iíve always looked up to the women who have competed admiring their bodies, thinking that I could never look like that. I didnít eat healthy at all so I thought I could never have the discipline to eat healthy food. But my husband convinced me to go to the gym with him and I really enjoyed it after a few months I thought maybe I could compete. So I spoke to a lot of people who have competed and found out as much as I could. Then I found a coach and got started, that was about 3 years ago.

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?? hey beautiful people ??while this might be a solo sport one of the things I love is the women and also men are really friendly once you get to know them . We all cheer each other on and give positive comments throughout prep even though you could be on stage next to them . Even the people following my page give positive comments . Itís so refreshing to see women empowering each other instead of criticising. So have a happy start to your week ?? keep up the positive vibes ???? #bikinicompetitor #fitfam #bodybuilding #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bikini #pink #gymlife #icn #prep #abs #positivevibes #monday #bling #mondaymotivation #inspo

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My diet doesnít really change too much. After eating clean and healthy for my comps Iíve tried to keep to a similar diet for everyday. The difference is during comp I have to weigh everything, I tend to eat a lot cleaner with out sauces ect and I have a coach that does all my macros she works out what I have to add or drop in weeks leading up to a comp . My comp diet is following macros. My coach works out all my meals for the week and changes it leading up to comp day.

I built up my self confidence by going to posing practice every week . Once you have your routine you practice as much as you can, so you feel confident in yourself.

Training: 5 days of lifting weights. After doing my first ever comp the judges feed back was to work on my shoulders and legs so that is the parts on working on. Closer to comp I walk on the treadmill for 40 minutes or 20 minutes on the stairmill once a week ,then this gets increased when the coach tells me to .

On stage: My experience is a whole lot of nerves because everything you have done was all leading up to this day. When I have received my divisions Iíve always been the first one on stage so I get in a little panic, but once I walk out and hear my friends and family cheering loudly I want to make them proud so I calm down, take my time and do my routine like I have practiced a million times before.

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Amazing how a fresh set of lashes makes you feel ???? I donít know weather they make me feel confident or I couldnít be bothered but Iím loving being makeup free ! I did the lash course when I lived on the Gold Coast and I think itís time to practice and start doing lashes again ???? make everyone feel pretty ????. . . . . #bikinicompetitor #selfie #selflove #lashes #lashextensions #blonde #blondehair #blueeyes #fit #fitness #eyebrows #

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Being an athlete has affected my life for the better. I take time out for myself and go to the gym I also fuel my body with lots of healthy fresh food. Rather than eating banana bread and microwave dinners which I did before I started.

My future plans are to compete in season b this year and hopefully have a baby. Then come back better than ever. Iíve changed so much since I first started bodybuilding especially working on my legs and shoulders so I canít wait to compete again and see what all my improvements one day soon.


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