Coreen Meiring - Bikini Competitor

As a 75 kg 18 year old girl I never thought of stepping on stage, I was the girl at the back of the class who was too scared to ask a question let alone stand on a stage in a small bikini and heels with people looking at me. My goal was never to compete. My journey started at the Rossi Grand Prix May 2015 when I went to support my uncle/coach Frikkie Van Niekerk that's when I decided to compete, it took a lot of hard work to get rid of all the extra weight and to be stage ready.

My diet changed every 2 weeks, my body reacted the best on the low carb high fat diet with weight training and cardio. The prep diet is not for every one you have to have self discipline and determination because some days you will want to quit but that's where you have to motivate yourself and push harder because no one can do it for you. Your head will also have to be strong and focused on your goal. Change happens over time and not over night I made the mistake to try quick fixes and crash diets. People will judge you and rate you and if you are not focused they will break you. I've lost friends but for every friend you lose you will gain a new one.

At the end of my 12 week prep I've lost 18 kg and became a new person with a new lifestyle and for the first time in my life I've put on a bikini and heels, my first competition was nabba provincials 2015 where I placed 6th and qualified for nationals I was overwhelmed but due to my final grade 12 exam I couldn't make it to nationals .since then I've putted on more muscle and no one could keep me from competing I did 3 more competitions where I placed 5th and 6th. My head was in a difficult place this past year and I've lost motivation but I kept trying because with every competition you will gain experience and it will become easier every time. I got my motivation back and I am back on track and can't wait for next year and to see what it holds.

My journey wouldn't be successful without my coach Frikkie Van Niekerks hard work and patience, my uncle Wessel Van Niekerk who will always be there for me and motivate me and then my big family and all their love and support. This is you and only you no one can do the work for you, you can't cheat and expect to see results what you put in is what you get out.

For now I'm work in process we are working on my weak areas for next year and I am super excited.

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