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After running almost 7 days a week I lost a lot of weight and I started looking at bodybuilding. I wanted to build muscle and one day compete. That was back in 2014. I started training but I had 3 big setback 09/8/2014….11/24/2014 and again 07/23/2015. Surgery due to complication from a major surgery in 11/13/2009. My first competition was on 07/28/18.

My diet during off season was the same as pre-contest but double the size. With the exception with my cheat meal and the muffin after my work out. Pre contest: Protein 140g, Carbs 90g, Fat 60g.

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Self-confidence……Never easy to get on stage and show your physique. You just practice. Practice at the gym, with your family and friends and just do it and have fun with it. Of course get help for perfection, take all the free clinics that your local NPC or whatever division offers and just be yourself.

My components of training is lifting and cardio. I incorporate cardio every day once I’m in prep but when I’m off season I try to at least do three days or more. I always eat before training and every two-three hours in between meals.

My last experience was this past weekend at the NPC Atlantic Coast with Tim Gardner Production. The check in was pretty quickly and very organize. I was a little nervous because that was it before the big show. Prejudging was nerve rocking that I even forgot one of my pose….. but I play it off and I’m just smile. When you over thinking that’s when you are more open to make mistakes, but you just have to be yourself and have fun with it. Remember your training and go get yours. For the finals, it was exciting because the crow its bigger and the music was on fire. Everything went so fast and when they call my name…… You would have though I won first place. But I came in 5th in Master Figure and 4Th in class A Figure.

Being an athlete does not affect me in any negative way, it actually has shape me to be a better me and not just physically but mentally. It challenges me to push above my limits and push no matter what life throws at me. To remember never to give up on myself, I can do whatever I set my mind to do, always listen to my good inner me and not the noises of the world and to do life how you wanted to be written not nobody else.

My future plans……to compete again and come in better than last weekend……To be continue.


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