Cooper Scrantz - Bikini Competitor

Overall Bikini Winner, 2019 NPC Greater Gulf States

I decided to make a healthy lifestyle change and started to work with my coach. She taught me what foods to eat and what portions. I didn't originally plan on competing. I figured the best way to really take my physique to the next level was to do a bikini competition. I felt this would hold my feet to the fire.

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Huge thank you to the amazing, talented, hard-working women, and 1 special gentleman @centanni_style who have glammed me up for competition days. It takes so much stress off of me show day to have you all glam me up. Im so blessed and honored to know each of you. Some of you are single mothers. You all inspire me more than you know. You all are so hard working for your families. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and for inspiring me through your work ethic! Much love to you all. ???? @brilliance_hair @makeupbyrosec @makeupbybaby @tierranicholeartistry @hana_ali_makeup @mekiastylzz_ @hairbymothert @stephsbeautybox_ @danielledoesmakeupllc @sarahmhains1 @jennbradfordhair @soulsnap

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Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: It actually doesn't change very much as far at the types of foods I eat. This is a lifestyle for me, so I eat lean portions, complex carbs, fruits, and veggies. My portions do increase a little and I do eat more carbs and fats in the offseason. I do get more cheat meals as well.

I have been very blessed and have not have any negative experiences with my meal plans going into a show. I started working with my coach before I decided to compete. She is my coach soul mate and I believe that is important to find. At this point, she knows my body better than I do. I did learn the hard way that in off season, it's so important to not pack on the pounds and eat whatever. It will only help you when you start your competition prep. My goal in building/off season is to stay between 5-15 pounds above stage weight.

I eat 6 times a day and drink a gallon of water a day. When I am in completion mode, I lift everyday of the week along with cardio. In my off season, I take 1-2 days off a week.

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1st show (3/2017) ???? to my most recent show (6/2019)????. . I originally set out to do just 1 show. I knew this was the only way to hold my feet to the ?? . . 1?? after seeing and feeling the positive effects, I decided to continue competing. ?? 2?? when I leaned out for my first show, I was able to see how much muscle I didnt have. ?? 3?? Since that moment, Ive been working hard to put on muscle. ?? 4?? Ive had a lot of ups and downs. Ive had moments of doubt. Ive experienced unnecessary weight gain in the off season. ?? 5?? All of these moments lead to where I am today. This is a lifestyle. I have a better relationship with food and my body. ?? 6?? I never gave up. Discipline your mind and your body will follow!

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On stage: I still get a little nervous. I think most people do. That will never go away. I competed in pageants in the past, so that has really helped a lot. I also showed horses. There were typically large crowds and we always had 3-4 judges that would literally walk around myself and my horse. It was nerve racking, because they could see every detail of your presentation and handling. So all of that together has helped. I also turn on my alter ego and hide behind her. She's very fierce.

I just won my first overall title in the Bikini division at the NPC Greater Gulf States. I am over the moon. This was my 9th time competing. (5 regional shows and 4 national shows).

Being an athlete: It's been nothing but positive. There are busy and stressful days at times, but that's part of life. I do my best at balancing family, friends, vacation time, and competition time. It helps give me a period of time to focus on myself and achieve my body goals. Living in Louisiana, there is always a festival, or something fun to attend with lots of yummy food. So there's so much temptation. Being an athlete allows me to hold my feet to the fire and find a nice balance. Balance is key.

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I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat. - Sylvester Stallone (???? 3/2017 to ???? 5/2019)

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Future plans: I love bodybuilding. My ultimate goal is to achieve a balanced physique. I love competing and as long as its fun and challenging, Ill keep competing. Id love to be a judge one day!


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