Connie Moulton - Bikini Competitor

When I was 38 I was 60 lbs overweight... looked in the mirror one day and made the decision. I was not going to keep killing myself every day by not eating properly, not exercising, and taking medications. I never realized I would ever compete. I got my first gym membership three and half years ago. Then to help me lose the weight after a weight loss plateau I hired my first personal trainer. She was also a competition coach and had girls coming to me to do their hair because I am a hairstylist. They all kept telling me I needed to compete. One year and half later and I started training with Team Physique Freaks coach Brenda Braeuinger ... competed 6 months later.

Off season diet is more flexible but basically the same types of foods. No sugar, no pasta etc. no white flour. Precontest diet tightens up a bit as far as portions and less cheats throughout week. Most of the time I get a cheat meal post leg day once a week until 8 weeks before show. Diet consists of protein, carb, veggies, and good fat. My carb choices on show prep are usually rice, Oats, sweet potato, and the occasional rice cake. My protein choices consist of lean steak, chicken, or fish...sometimes turkey breast. I usually have 6 to 7 small balanced meals in my nutrition plan.

My coach guided me through both shows. With proper guidance your show nutrition plan will work for you. My coach evaluated my plan constantly to change things that needed to be changed.

Building self-confidence: I did tons of posing practice with my coach. I had the help of some other posing coaches as well. IFBB Pro Camile Periat and Jessica Salazar.

I constantly communicated with my trainer when I was feeling too hungry or not hungry, cravings etc. She calculated my calorie intake to how much cardio/ weight training was involved. I train with weights 5 days a week... during contest prep I also have a morning and night cardio but that can differ for many competitors depending on their bodies. I also do a HIIT workout every Saturday. Rest and meal prep on Sundays.

On stage: Very excited and nervous the entire time. It's a very rewarding and emotional time. All of your hard work to display after months of training.

My future plans are to assist my 21 year old in her dreams to go to nationals this year as a NPC competitor as well. I am going to take the mom role this year for 2017 and do a year long off season. In 2018 I plan to come back and compete in two local shows and then head to a national stage. I definitely am making plans for Masters Nationals and North Americans.

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Connie Moulton