Claudia Martellino - Physique Competitor

Claudia: Since my young age, I was very active competing in swimming, diving and when I join the army cadets as a teen I developped the will to challenge myself into extreme sports (rock climbing, canoeing, sky divingÖ) Since I started to train at age of 15, I was curious about fitness and bodybuilding but it wasnít very popular at that time. I started my degree in physical education back in 1995 and I knew that one day, Iíll be stepping on a stage but just didnít kow when!
My 1st competition was in 2011 as a figure athlete, I didnít place at that competitionÖ I took 2 years off to try to lean and low down my weight and mass but the womenís physique category came in, so I decided to compete in that category!
My 2nd year of competition was in 2014 as a womenís physique and everything went well, I finished 2nd at the Canadian Nationalís (CBBF) in both open and master division!

Actually, itís been more than a year that Iím basicaly doing the same: a carb cycling diet. 4 days low carbs (1200 caories) and 1 day I add more carbs on every meals (rice, oatmeal, sweet potato) that gives me around 1800 calories. So I can say that I donít have a off season dietÖ

Failed diet: NO diet at all! Seriously, itís when I donít follow a specific meal plan, I lose controlÖ Iíve tried the Keto diet and it really doesnít work for me. I canít eat to much fat even if itís good fat!

What really works for me is that Iíve started doing powerlifting during my off season. It gives me some ohter goals to attempt and it keeps balancing my body! During the contest prep (which last about 16 to 18 weeks) I work out every part of my body once a week and I do a lot of cardio (twice a day 45 minutes and I alternate HIIT training with some low intensity cardio) Training and diet are not an issue for me, itís part of the game, of the plan!

I do a lot of personnal mindset training. Itís part of my training program! Iíve sudied NLP which works on your mindset, your goals, your focus and everything that as to do with self-confidence, mind strengthÖ I read a lot of personnal growth books and I practice meditation, yoga. Those help me to build a strong mind and get that self-confidence that I need to step on stage powerfull!

My last contest was the CBBF Nationalís back in 2014. In 2015, Iíve competed in 3 powerlifting meets and what Iíve learned from one or the other is how to create my Focus Zone, how to keep calm and breath just before stepping on stage. Everybody says that when Iím there, in that Focus Zone they donít want to approach me, but they like to watch me!

Iíd really like to share and work on a mindset performance seminaryÖ To give the chance to other athletes to acheive their goals and push their limits beyond what they think they could acheive!
For the moment, my focus is on my next competitions: The Arnold Amateur Ohio, march 3rd 2016 and the next Canadianís Nationals in august 2016. As I work full time as a police officer, I really need to balance my professionnal life with my training/competition life!

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Claudia Martellino

Claudia Martellino