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Claire: I was living and working in Australia and wanted a goal that I could focus on since I didn't have friends or family there. After I purchased a program from a coach in California I began lifting heavy and fell in love with the whole process. My first show wasn't until April of this year!

I try to stay consistent in the off season while adding more variety and calories to my diet. My off season diet includes more carbs but I have found lower carb with higher fats very effective at both fat loss and stabilizing energy levels. Failed diet: SUPER high protein diets lacking in vegetables that contain micronutrients. Instead I ry to incorporate as many veggies as I want and that has worked well for me. I am a big fan of VOLUME....

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At the moment I am really trying to pack on some muscle and work on my weak points. I am still doing some cardio mainly because I enjoy it. I train my legs about 2-3x a week as well as my back and shoulders. My main focus is to add muscle all over but especially in my delts, back and hamstrings. I incorporate some conditioning into each session and usually do less than 15 minutes of cardio after each workout. I never did more than about 30 minutes of cardio during my whole prep and still trained about 5-6x per week no longer than an hour. I try to fuel my body properly these days by eating in a slight surplus (not a bulk) with treats here and there and keeping my supplementation on point (thank you five star nutrition).

I was terrified to get on stage for years until my coach said something that really stuck to me. He told me to stop putting so much pressure on myself to look like someone else and just do MY best. Once I got my posing routine down I felt a huge boost in confidence because I knew I could present my package in the best possible way.

I had an awesome experience at my first show and I loved every bit of it. Sure it was a long day and that had some hiccups but I felt lucky to be there so I was going to enjoy it! I had no idea what I was doing at check ins but I had some really sweet teammates that were with my through the whole process. At Pre-judging I felt so calm and on stage I just felt like I was meant to be there. I didn't expect to feel so comfortable on stage but it showed in comparisons which is why I feel like my placing was high. I was still in shock when I won my novice class, novice overall and my open class. Only missing the overall by a point has really fueled my fire.

I am working hard to make improvements and hopefully next year will include a national show or 2!

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