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About four years ago I had never set foot in a gym. Initially, I began running with my friend at lunchtimes and shortly afterwards I began to complete marathons. I enjoyed keeping fit, following a healthy lifestyle and decided to see what else was available to do in my local area. This was when I joined a bootcamp based in Cambridge & began to train up to 6 times a week morning & evenings doing various forms of HIIT cardio along with weight training. This involved flipping lorry tyres along with other outdoor group exercise classes, and unique training circuits. I was more determined than ever to get into shape and the results I achieved were fantastic!

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I started to want more progress, I wanted to improve my muscle tone, loose fat and balance my body symmetry. I soon began to follow different Bikini Fitness athletes on instagram to find out more about diet, training and posing. This was how I found my coach Michelle Brannan IFBB Pro who is the founder of UK's number 1 Bikini Fitness training team Showgirl Fitness. I was inspired by progress other athletes had made with Michelle’s coaching. I quickly signed up to the team and have never looked back! Every person within our team has become such an inspiration to me, I have made some of my closest friends who are all focused athletes. I went along with the team to the Arnold Classics in Madrid last year and it was one of the best experiences of my life. To be able to watch & support my friends competing at an international level, made me more focused than ever to train harder and make it to the stage!

My diet changes according to my goals and how close I am to show, my typical diet looks like this:

Meal 1: Oats, whey or egg whites and berries.
Meal 2: Chicken breast, vegetables and rice.
Meal 3: Chicken breast, vegetables and sweet potato.
Meal 4: Lean Beef steak, vegetable stir fry.
Meal 5: Greek Yoghurt and berries.
Post workout I have a whey protein shake and a complex carbohydrate.

Whey Protein
Fish Oil

I tend to follow a very paleo based approach to food which includes fresh fish, lean meats, green leafy vegetables and complex carbohydrates. I like to keep my food recipes simple using raw fresh ingredients, flavouring with natural herbs & spices. I am a huge advocate for including variety within meals, this enables me to ensure I am getting all the nutrients I require as an athlete.

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I have followed everything my coach has advised me to do in regards to competition prep and have not had any problems with my diet or bad experiences leading up to competition.

What foods you put into your body plays an extremely important part of how well you can train, the energy you have throughout the day, how well you sleep at night and, in addition, how you look on stage versus other competitors. Meal Prep has become key to my success in diet and training. I believe if you fail to prepare then be prepared to fail!! It is essential that I prepare my meals, this comes with careful planning and calculations! In addition, I eat my meals at set times spread throughout the day around every 3-4hours to keep my metabolism high. The most important meals of the day for me are my pre- and post-workout to fuel my body for my weight training sessions.

I am coached by Showgirl Fitness, I weight train 5-6 times a week and do daily cardio. My typical day starts at 4.30-5am; I wake up drink a black americano, eat my preworkout meal and hit the gym for 5.30am. I have a strict bedtime of 9pm to enable my body to have designated periods of intense training and recovery. My sets, rep range and training systems are always changing depending on my goals. I consistently check in with my coach Michelle Brannan and we review my progress week by week.

Here is my typical training split

Day1: Legs
Day 2: Shoulders arms
Day 3: Hamstrings
Day 4: Back and Chest
Day 5: Glutes

I have had 1-2-1 posing sessions with Karina Skowronska IFBB Pro and my coach Michelle Brannan IFBB Pro on a consistent basis over the last two years which has assisted me in presenting my best package on stage.

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For my recent shows, this has been indispensable in helping me find poses that suit my body shape, angles that show off my physique and find new transitions that are fun and exciting! I practice my posing routines at gym/dance studios every day or at home if a studio is not available. I tend to video my routines and self-criticise until I am happy. I have found that it doesn’t matter how much you practice posing there is always something new to learn or something different that you can do to improve your presentation. You can only learn with feedback both positive and negative to become the best at what you do. I am currently waiting on feedback from the federations of my most recent competitions and will use this to my advantage next year.

Other confidence boosting techniques I am using include listening to motivational talks or watching TED videos. I find this equally encouraging and empowering; My most recent download is “Fearless Motivation: Success and nothing less!” available to download on itunes.

For my first competition, I was not sure what to expect, I was extremely excited to participate and could not wait to get on stage and perform my T-Walk! I found as soon as I arrived that everyone was extremely friendly and I immediately made many more friends who are also trained athletes. The atmosphere was incredible, a mixture of nerves and excitement. The day itself ran smoothly and all events I have attended have been extremely well organised. The lead up to stage was brilliant since I had all my friends (and new friends) with me to take photographs of our peak conditions, support each other and celebrate our achievements together.

I have currently earnt PRO cards within two federations, UKUltimate Physiques (UKUP) placing 1st for Bikini at the Midlands Championships, 2nd at the Finals last weekend; and PureElite where I placed 2nd for Fitness Model. I can’t describe the feeling I had when receiving PRO status. It not only was the happiest moment by far, but has provided me with the drive to bring an even better package next year! It's such an honour to represent both these federations and I would recommend to anyone considering competition! Competing has changed my life in such a positive way and is something I am extremely passionate about! I love what I do with all my heart and wouldn’t change a thing!

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Future Plans: I will continue to compete; I am relentless at perusing something that I enjoy. Training is something I cannot imagine my life without! I would like to develop further, building more strength and endurance within my training, fine tune my posing, and compete at an international level. I believe nothing is impossible, if you set your mind to something then anything is achievable! If you have passion for something and you believe in yourself, then the future is whatever you make it! Chase your dreams and goals! Fill the chapters of your life with moments that define you.

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