Clair Ianev - Bikini Competitor

Claire: I have always been very fit young lady growing up. I went to a sports selective school for track running, and competed in multiple dancing competitions. Having gone through an eating disorder at a young age I was inspired to learn and develop my own system in order to empower women not only to sculpt their bodies, but also to become stronger, fitter, healthier, and have more confidence without feeling tired, hungry, or restricted all the time. I have now been in the health and fitness industry for 5 years. I have developed a reputation as one of the top up and coming young trainers in Australia.

I started competing four years ago, I went to my first body building show seen the bikini and fitness girls and fell in love. I loved everything about it the music, hair, make-up, shoes and the glamourís bikinis. I couldnít believe how amazing all the girls looked. I wanted to be up on stage with them. I hired my first online coach Francine Savard from Canada who prepped me for 12 weeks to get me ready for my first two bikini show in INBA and ANB. Francine was amazing. I learnt so much from her, and I really enjoyed my first prep. Since then I have also worked with some of the top comp prep coaches in the world such as Milos Sarcev, Nathan Page, Larry Vinnette, and Hattie Boyle which lead me to developing my own system that I have had a lot of success using with my clients.

Diet and Training

Off-season I typically increase calories to my base which is around 2,300 cals for about 2-3 months. During this bulking phase I utilize the extra calories to reset my metabolism and build muscle post comp. I use the INutritionPro nutrition software which was developed by my husband Stefan Ianev and his colleague Daine McDonald for personal trainers and nutritionist. It makes it super easy for me to follow my macros while having a lot of flexibility with menus and food choices.

I bring my calories down 20% to about 1869 for the rest of my off season. I always feel most comfortable eating at around a 20% deficit. It's a great way to maintain muscle and drop body fat with out going to low where you feel hungry all the time and you start ramping down your metabolism. I used an ďif it fits your macrosĒ approach all through my last prep, I believe itís really important to not restrict yourself from food for long term success and adherence. A lot of bodybuilders blow out after comp because they restrict themselves far too much during their prep, then they end up binging for weeks post comp. I have found if you just allow yourself a small amount of flexibility every day you donít end up binging.

I did a prep a few years ago where I restricting myself from to many food and dropped my calories to low while training twice a day and doing cardio everyday. I looked great for my show but the after math wasn't worth it at all. My body started to shut down, I ended up with stage seven adrenal fatigue. I put on body fat, I felt bloated and puffy all the time, it was so horrible. It took me nearly two years to fully recover.

I love weight training, feeling strong is very empowering for a woman. I train weights 4-5 days a week and more recently I have been using a DUP approach. All my compound lifts are done heavy not going more than 5 reps. I then finish the training off with a circuit using 10-12 reps or more for 4-5 sets. I balance this program with a good healthy mixed diet. I eat five meals a day and try my best to get all my nutrition from wholesome foods.

On Stage

I still struggle with stage presence at times. Iím naturally an introvert and I have always found it hard getting on stage in front of so many people, but it's not impossible. I practice posing 12 weeks out for 20 mins every day and I also did a few acting classes to help bring me out of my shell. I found this to be very helpful.

My last comp that I did was ANB International in the Philippines. It was such a great experience competing internationally. The comp was really well run. I felt very nervous before this show. I think because it was my first international show I was putting a lot of pressure on myself. The girls I was competing with made me feel really comfortable and I made some really nice friends. I canít wait to compete with them again.

My future plans are to reach as many motivated women as I can with my new online training program. I have an amazing 30 day booty challenge ebook coming out soon. This program is designed for anyone wanting to build a bigger, rounder, more toned, and lifted butt.

I am having a long off-season this year. I want to focus on building more muscle and getting leaner then I have ever been. I want to take home my pro card next year. ANB international 2017 I can't wait!

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