Cindy Flannery - Physique Competitor

In 2009 I started my journey to better my health and lose weight, I joined a Transformation contest in early part of 2011 and placed 2nd in my division and that is where I got the itch to continue to compete.

My diet doesn't really change, I am more relaxed with measurements etc and I do indulge a little more in cheat meals, in prep this is not allowed. Most effective diet for me: eat more and more often, less processed foods, I don't count calories or macros. I eat in portion control sizes

I have tried macro counting, high fat protein, no carbs and all that fad ones from paleo, juicing, nutrisystem and even weight watchers. They aren't a lifestyle that you can continue. I needed something I stay with on and off of prep and for my life that my entire family could live by.

I like to train old school bodybuilding, I don't do a lot of fancy moves, plyometrics and I never do crossfit. I train weights 6 days a week with one full day of rest. Cardio I like to keep it fasted as I do this 5/6x's a week and it makes weight training easier that I can slow down and just focus the task at hand. I like to break up my training days from medial/front shoulders from rear delts, I do separate back days to focus on all the muscle groups in my back for that perfect lat sweep. I also found that it's easier to break up my leg days. One day I focus on quads and calves, the other is glutes and hamstrings. Judging remarked this was my week point and I planned this off season to bring that area in this year.

Meals are always timed around training and vise versa. When I eat my window is small to get to the gym and train because a good session I am there for at least 2 hours.

I think the best contest I have done that the process was so smooth was at team universe in New Jersey in July 2015, from beginning to end, it was professional, on time, in order and no hiccups. With every show you have butterflies, doubts, you're tired and you're excited. There's a lot to do and then there is lot of downtime. I am lucky that my husband and my posing/tanning coach were able to be there with me during my first national show. They made it flawless. I will say when traveling for shows, preparation is key. Plan your foods, travels not just for the show but afterwards. We had decided to vacation in New York post show. Thinking I could find good clean foods and water anywhere like I could at home, the big city life is way different. I got severe edema and the swelling was so painful. I was unable to rehydrate and eat sensible. Pizza and subs on every corner and gallons of water was hard to find. Future note....don't just prepare for the show...prepare for the post show.

I am in prep now (19 weeks out) and my next show is in May 2016 I am shooting for my pro card, should I not obtain it there I will move onto team universe again in July. I feel this year is my best package and I am ready to show them I eat like a pro, train like a pro, I walk the talk so to speak.


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Cindy Flannery

Cindy Flannery