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I started competing in 2017, my mom and I actually train together and decided to commit to our first competition together last year.

Offseason diet and pre contest diet are pretty similar, off-season I have more refeeds and not as strict on what my refeeds consist of. But as far as my day to day diet, itís the same apart from portions. Itís all about finding what food your particular body responds best to, what your digestive system will allow you to eat, along with many other factors, and metabolism. This years competition diet was much more successful because like stated above, my coach and I focused more on digestive health, hormone profile, and my specific metabolism. Right now my metabolism is on fire, I can stay fairly lean with a high amount of food intake. Last year I ate what I was told and was not paying attention to how my body responded... always stay consistent and PAY ATTENTION to how youíre responding to every single thing you eat.

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Just getting started...?? #Repost @m1_concrete_tank with @make_repost ??? @cierra_mariie this morning prior to starting her load. Now the fun part... FILL & DRY #nextlevelapproach #npcfigure #npcoklahoma #npcnationals2018 #m1coaching

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Iím not sure anyone is ever FULLY ready to strut on stage wearing very minimal coverage. But for me, I knew I did every single thing my coach laid out for me. I never skipped a meal, workout, cardio session, anything. So that is where my confidence came into play, I know how hard I work for it and I want to fully display that.

My lifting and cardio regimen vary pending what phase Iím in. Currently Iím still in my reverse phase from just coming out of a long prep. But general programming, I lift 5-6 days a week, cardio 6 days a week; usually fasted and post training. My diet is based around my training. I have meals listed in order of 1-6. Sometimes they fall in that order, pending what time of the day I am able to workout. No matter what meal #3 is pre training and meal #4 is post training. So if I workout at 6am, meal #3 falls first at 5am, then post training meal #4, then I will backtrack and have meal #1, #2, #5, & #6.

My most recent show was Npc Nationals in Miami. Athlete check in was quick and smooth! I met some really cool people too predicting and finals all ran smooth and quick, way different than a state show.

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Little taste of prejudging? Almost time for finals??? then eat some good food and relax! #npcfigure #npcnationals #miami #npcfigurecompetitor #npcoklahoma

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I would say being an athlete effects my whole life in many ways, but then again Iíve lived and trained this way for over 5 years I donít know any other way at this point. I am a mother of two. My daughter is 7 and my son is 5. So basically their whole life Iíve been training. They are used to going to the gym with me. They know mommy gets up and does her fasted cardio in the garage. They know mommy doesnít go anywhere without a meal container, or 4 lol. As a mother, the biggest challenge is not feeling selfish for doing something for myself. Even in full blown prep I make my kids my top priority. I still make it a point to take them to eat or go to the movies or do fun things. Thatís where my self discipline comes into play. You can still enjoy life with your kids and family without partaking in anything that will jeopardize your prep.

I plan to do another nationals show in 2019, Iím still nationally qualified for that year. I have yet to pick an actual show or discuss this with my coach. I donít plan to stop competing anytime soon. I would like to focus a little more on growing my personal training business and take some more courses to offer my clients more.


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