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A trainer actually introduced me to bodybuilding in 2014. I went to a show and fell in love with the sport instantly. It took me about 3 years to get serious about training and nutrition however. I started by doing 60 day challenge through a trainer that I trained with in November 2016. So I did 2 rounds of the 60 day challenge. The 1st round I did not win however the 2nd round I won $5,000 as 1 of 5 best transformations. May 2017 I started an 8 week prep for my first Bikini Competition. It was a roller coaster ride of fun and emotions. I also graduated that year with my MBA the day before the competition. I ended winning my novice class and placing 2nd in my open class. Fast forward I have done 6 shows so far which includes 3 national shows. I am preparing for my last show of the season which is this coming Wednesday in hopes of securing my pro card.

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My off-season diet stays pretty clean, but not as strict of course. I have a few more cheats and other options of food to choose from. My Prep diet is very strict and consists of fish, 99% ground turkey, salmon, lean beef, asparagus, zucchini, sweet/red potatoes, rice, oatmeal, cream of rice, fruits, egg whites and spinach. This last prep I have been doing a carb cycling diet which I have really enjoyed and the results are amazing.

I've only been competing for a year and my diet has been pretty similar the entire time so I have really experienced any failures. There are certain foods I stay away from just because my body doesn't agree with it but other than that I haven't had any diet plan failures.

I am a very shy person so it was terrifying to me to get up on stage in a bikini and pose in front of a room full of people. My determination and drive was so great to be able to excel in this sport and that is what pushed me and gave me the confidence to do it. Don't get me wrong I am nervous every time I get on stage even with 6 shows under my belt but at the end of the day I absolutely love it and will keep going until I reach my goals.

My training includes cardio and weight training. During competition prep it is vital that I limit weights, in certain areas as not to grow those muscles anymore before getting on stage. Bikini girls have to be careful to not come off as too muscular. I have had that as critique in the past. I do a lot of hamstring and glute focused workouts as well as back and shoulders during prep. During my off season I pretty much hit all areas pretty hard using heavier weights.

My last competition was NPC Universe and I decided to do that show right after I competed at Junior USA's about 6 weeks prior. It was my first that I did alone with out any of my teammates however my coach was there to support me. The process was smooth. I was calm the entire time. Everything fell into place as it should. It was a very long day because there were so many competitors and Bikini always go last. But in the end I had my best placing at a national level show.

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Being an athlete takes over your entire life and you really don't have a social life. I want to stick to my meal plan and training so I decline a lot of outings because I know that it will put me in a position to cheat on my plan and I don't want to do that. Competing is a very expensive sport so I want to put my all into it and do my best at my show.

My future plans are to compete at NPC North Americans this coming Wednesday. After that I am taking a long needed off-season to spend time with family and just have a less strict life because I have been on competition prep since January. I have no other plans for shows as of yet but I will be back on the stage hopefully in 2019. I also am going to focus on helping other people reach their girls through online fitness and training programs.

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