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Christy: I decided to compete when I was 18 and joined the gym for the first time. I started with a basic fitness training program, and that's when I realized that I enjoyed weight training and wanted to progress further by deciding to compete in Fitness. I was very interested in the fitness routines and the whole process leading up to competition. Back then there were only 2categories for women; Fitness and Bodybuilding. I have been competing for 18 years.

During my off season I am just like everyone else and obviously indulge a little more, however I keep my diet fairly clean.
I increase my calories slightly to accommodate the heavier off season weight train regimen, but I try to keep on track during the week and let myself have a few more cheat meals in order to shock my system when cutting out different foods closer to my weeks of prep. I am generally in Prep for 10 months out of the year due to the timing of my shows. My meal are usually high in protein, lots of veggies, and increase my carbs to 3 meals a day (approx. 25-30grams) of carbohydrate. I keep my fats higher but I always eliminate sugar and dairy from my diet unless it falls on a cheat day ;)

I never eliminate carbohydrates from my diet. My body responds well to carbs. I attempted a carb load week, my energy was too low to have effective workout; considering I was lifting heavy and trying to gain. I feel the body needs carbs in order to function properly, and even leading up to show I still keep carbs in, resulting in better gains, adequate fat loss and overall a better prep.

As a sponsored PHARMAFREAK (@Pharmafreak) athlete, my daily supplementation relies mostly on their stack of various stacks.
For gains off season I use GH FREAK and CREATINE FREAK. I will use TEST FREAK for 4 weeks at the beginning of a 20 week prep.
Everyday Supplements: VITAFREAK, GREENS FREAK, AMINO FREAK & SUPERFREAK for my Pre-workout.
I Also take SD Pharmaceuticals: L'Carnatine, Rhodiola Rosea & DIM For help with fat Loss and lowering my Cortisol.
Daily FISH OILS and CLA as well to Aid in Fat loss, energy, and to get in extra healthy fats.

Since I have recently switched to the Physique category my training program has changed quit a bit from when I compete in figure. Last year leading up to my first Physique competition, I did a 12 week building program. Lift very heavy, less reps, and included some giant sets. I also amped up my leg routine, as my legs also took longer to dial in. My upper body has always been my strongest and most defined area, I added some size to my legs to become more symmetrical for physique. I generally do two body parts per day, with legs split into two days (hamstring/glute day one, Quads and calves day 2) Abs twice a weeks, since they come very fast for me. Closer to show I do lighter weight and focus on smaller areas of muscle that dial in slower for me. Lots of super sets, circuits, and add in a little more cardio to tighten up in the final weeks. My diet always changes to work properly with my workout each day and I adjust the diet accordingly. I have my 2nd carb for the day following my workout, whether it be earlier or later that day.

I will be competing at the OPA - Ontario Physique Association Provincials in June at the Toronto Pro Show, in hopes to Qualify for the Nationals out east in July. Following that I plan to do the NPC North Americans in Cleveland. This will be my 18th year competing, but only my 2nd year competing in Physique. Looking forward to working my way up the ladder again with eyes on the prize for a possible pro card in the near future. I also have my own custom competition suit design business designing for the OPA., Much of my focus will be working on that in the near future.
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Christy Wolfe

Christy Wolfe