Christy Resendes Interview

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
May 2012

1. Christy, how are you?

I'm doing great thank you for asking and I hope you are as well. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

2. Why did you start bodybuilding? And who or what motivated you to start?

My mom, she was a bodybuilder and my motivational source. My mother had competed in a bodybuilding show the year prior to me competing in my first show and I was amazed with the transformation of her physique. When I started lifting it was with the intention of competing in my first show within 3 months of starting my weight training routine. On October 16th 1993 I competed in the Whaling City Bodybuilding Championships at age 15 and I won first place, best poser, and overall.

3. What has been the number one highlight of your bodybuilding career thus far?

Competing in the Arnold Classic Amateur was one of the biggest highlights of my career. My goal as a natural athlete was to show that you donít have to use drugs to be successful in this sport and I feel that I have accomplished that to some extent.

Christy Resendes  

Left - Christy Resendes at age 15, Right - Christy's mother

4. What do your meals look like (frequency, ingredients, and calories)? Favorite recipes?

At this point in time I am just getting into contest season so my diet has just started. It consists of 6 small meals every 2-3 hours to speed up my metabolism.
Meal 1: 6 egg whites/ 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread/ 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
Meal 2: 1 scoop of whey protein/ 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
Meal 3: 3 ounces of boneless skinless chicken breast/ 1 cup green beans/ 12 whole almonds
Meal 4: 3 ounces of boneless skinless chicken breast/ 1 cup green beans/ 12 whole almonds
Meal 5: 4 ounces of lean steak/ 1 cup green beans/ 5 ounces of sweet potato
Meal 6: 1 scoop of whey protein/ 1 tablespoon peanut butter
My favorite is the peanut butter on my Ezekiel bread.

5. Could you please tell us a little about your workout routines? Contest and during the Off-Season?

I have periodization program, which is a plan for the year for how I will train. It has three different mesocycle cycles within it, which are off-season (strength & power training), pre-contest (leaning phase), and my strongwoman training (strength & endurance training). Each mesocycle varies in duration from 3 to 4 months and within each mesocycle itís broken down further into specific objectives for 1-3 weeks of time duration. I am currently in the leaning phase and weight train about 5 days per week and do an hour of cardiovascular training 5 day per week. For the most part during this period there is more cardiovascular exercise done at high volume, coupled with high intensity weight training, and with shorter periods of rest between sets than the other seasons. The main objective for me in this period is to maintain my muscle mass while decreasing my body fat for bodybuilding competitions.

6. Bodybuilding is a sport that requires a lot of dedication. And itís hard to have that type of dedication without supportive people around you that understand this ďcrazyĒ thing you're doing. Who supports your fit lifestyle?

The people that support what I do the most is my children. My eldest daughter has been training with me for awhile, we eat healthy as a family, and support each other towards living a healthy and active lifestyle.

7. How do things look like from a judging viewpoint as regional judge for the NPC organization?

When I was judging for the NPC regionally it was a great experience! I got to meet some really influential and amazing people within the industry and I gained a different perspective being a judge. Itís definitely not an easy position and can be very difficult. I would ultimately like to relay to all competitors that win or lose no matter what you did something that is an amazing personal accomplishment and you win regardless of what placing you get. All competitors train hard and since this is a sport without any decisive regulations, different organizations as well as different sets of judges will look for different things.

8. Many videos show your overwhelming arm wrestling prowess. Whatís your win/loss ratio?

Great question! I have been arm wrestling since elementary school and I didnít lose to anyone until the end of middle school. I had my first loss to a female a couple of years ago, the only female I have ever lost to and it was in my first arm wrestling competition. Since then I have learn more about technique, which has helped me out a great deal. I would say that I win 70% of the matches I have had against men, including draws. Especially since I arm wrestle lefty and most people prefer right handed arm wrestling.

Christy Resendes in action

9. Which techniques do you employ? Which strategies do you use to exhaust your opponent?

Well it wasnít until my first arm wrestling competition that I learned about techniques, before that I just arm wrestled without any real strategy. Now I just try to keep my arm close to me and depending on who I am arm wrestling (someone who has no experience) I wonít really use any techniques because I donít feel that it is fair. But if itís someone that knows what they are doing then I will roll their wrists or use my body and shoulder instead of just my arm. I do tend to lock my arm in the starting position which requires little energy for me to do and let me opponent use all their energy to try and put me down. This doesnít work well with people who know what they are doing or people who are extremely strong.

10. What differences do you see between the efforts of biceps training (pumping iron) and those of the arm wrestling?

Well, arm wrestling is an explosive and all out type of sport. When I train my biceps itís more about pacing myself to make it through the whole routine, and itís not as explosive for the most part. Although sometimes you do have to pace yourself while arm wrestling. When you arm wrestle I usually engage more muscles then just my biceps and while training my biceps I try to isolate that muscle as much as possible.

11. What is a day in the life of Christy Resendes like?

Right now my life is kind of hectic, Iíve had and I am currently going through many life changing events both positive and some not so positive. I am in college full time and trying to train at least once per day, as well as working and raising my children. Today for example; I woke up at 8am cleaned my house, took care of my friends dog (dog sitting while sheís on vacation) and made breakfast for my children. At 10am I was showing my home. At 12pm I went food shopping and then prepared lunch for the kids. At 1pm I finished up a 5 page paper for one of my classes and since then I have been working on this interview. At 4pm the children are getting picked up by their grandparents to sleep out. Party time!!! Ha-ha, no, not for me! Then I will be heading to the gym to do about an hour of cardio and tanning. Around 6pm I will get home eat, shower, and get to work on webcam for an hour or two. Then 8pm to 11pm I will be writing another paper, creating a power point presentation for class, and doing some video editing for my YouTube channel so I can post another update. After that I am off to sleep.

12. What has bodybuilding taught you?

I have learned a great deal from this sport, such as self discipline and self respect. I have built up my confidence in that if I put my mind and actions towards a goal then I can achieve it. I have gained much insight to listening to others that have more experience in the sport. This isnít just a sport to me though; itís a way of life. This is part of who I am and I am continuously learning something new through trial and error, through education, and from the people around me.

13. Tell me about your fans, what are they like? What turns them on the most?

My fans are awesome!! I have actually made some really great friends that are fans. They have been super supportive and Iím truly grateful to all of them. The fans likes vary so much! Some love legs others biceps, some like me when Iím lean others like off season and some like both. It truly depends on the person, but a lot of the fans like my biceps. I would also like to say, ĎThank you very much too all my fans, I wouldnít have made it this far without you!í

14. How do you like to spend your leisure time and where do you like to go out in New Bedford, Massachusetts?

When I have free time without the kids I like to hang out with my friends, sometimes we will go out dancing or go to concerts or sporting events. We do all kinds of stuff and always have a great time.

15. What are your big plans for the future?

My plans for future is to finish my bachelors degree in physical education this summer, maybe in a year go back for my masterís in exercise science. I plan on competing at least once this year as a pro bodybuilder for the IFPA. I also want to take some wrestling classes for fun. My ultimate plan is to own a few different companies and various other investment opportunities to become financially independent.

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