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I have always loved women with muscles since I was in high school. That’s how my interest in body building started. I wanted to look like the competitors with six pack abs and very athletic physiques. So I would try to ask my brother how to lift. This was back in the early 90’s and there was no internet yet in our area. I grew up in the Philippines and the part I lived was a little late when I come to technology. So we just relied on the muscle building magazines that we get our hands on which was not very successful because we pretty much didn’t know exactly what we were doing. Fast forward, I migrated to Guam which I currently reside in 2003.

I always love working out so I just workout at home because I couldn’t afford a gym membership at that time. I tried Atkins diet which was actually very effective for my body type. However, I still don’t have any knowledge about proper nutrition. I left Guam and moved to Virginia and lived there for 3 years. There I was actually able to get a gym membership at Bally’s fitness. My cousin and I would go to the gym everyday after work. At first I was really self conscious and shy. I was scared of lifting weights because I didn’t want people to see me do it the wrong way or hurt myself. And not to mention, I was so ignorant with using the machines. Lol!!! I felt so stupid. So, I was working out but again, no proper nutrition. After three years, I moved back to Guam on 2006. I stopped lifting for a couple of years and I just ran. It was my way of coping with my depression. I would run 2-3 times a day. Whenever I feel like my mood will get a little gloomy, I would go outside and run. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or raining. I lost weight from running, eating garbage, drinking and partying.

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From prejudging to the final show ??oh what an experience?? Getting to meet other wonderful and amazing people to some funny memories which a few only knows what happened by the end of the night ???? Right @salcruz96 & @shalane_raeann ??? Hahaha So hilarious .... This was such a humbling experience.... Giving back all the Glory to God ?????????????? Without Him, I wouldn’t have the strength and courage to do it!!!! ••••• And Cardi B!!!!!! The music got me all hyped up???? I tried to control myself not to do some of my stupid dance moves???????????? Coz I’m such a dork like dat ..... ?? You know I like it like that ?? ?????? •••••••• Whoever brought that blow horn ????????Damnnnn!!!!!! I ?? it!!!!! ?????? •••••••• #fitnessmotivation #fitmom #figurecompetitor #firstfigurecompetition #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #goodvibes #crushinggoals #nationalphysiquecommittee #guamnationalphysiquefederation #dreambig #nothingisimpossible #unleashingyourinnergreatness #befearless #figureposing #figurenpc #npcbodybuilding #npcfigure #npcfigurecompetitor

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Late 2007, after 10 years since my last relationship, I finally got involved with someone and spent 8 miserable years with him. Hahaahaha ( no kidding tho). That year I was diagnosed with anxiety panic disorder and depression and not to mention the relationship didn’t help. In 2009, I finally started going back to the gym and lifting. I would print some workout plan from the internet and follow it. I had no workout partner but I’ve met a few competitors at the gym that awaken the inner desire in me when I was younger. So I got motivated and inspired to keep working on my body and started studying body building on the internet. Yet my nutritional knowledge was still limited. I got frustrated that I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I was dropping weight and gain it back … and gain more. I was yoyo dieting and the depression wasn’t helping at all. On 2014, I moved to a different gym, this time was more determined, not to compete yet but to just get started with building my physique. However, since my relationship was very toxic, I had no focus. I was lost. I finally had the courage to end the relationship on 2015 and I never looked back. Believe me, the depression was off the roof!!!! I isolated myself. The only place I found peace was the gym. There were times that I just wanted to cry while lifting because I had so much emotions bottled up. I would sometimes, go to the locker room and cry and hit another set when I was done. Despite what was going on my personal life, I was still a ray of sunshine at the gym. I smile at everybody. This year I really fell in love again with bodybuilding. So, I decided to get myself a coach and I will compete on 2016.

I did found one. I started pre on mid December 2015, it was very challenging since it was during the holidays. I was actually doing good. But before I started the prep, during my first meeting with my coach, I was very upfront with him and told him that I had a lot going on at that time in my life. I was dealing with depression. I wasn’t sleeping enough which was causing my hormonal imbalance. I only lasted 5 weeks on my first attempt of competing. I was ready to go through the physical training but I wasn’t mentally and psychologically. So, I did not compete on 2016 instead I promised myself that I will continue with my training and follow the meal plan my former coach has given me. I started really getting serious with training and nutrition. I finally understood proper nutrition, the Macros and all. I got addicted to reading about nutrition and different diet approach. Also, I focused on building my lagging body parts, my shoulders and back since I know the X frame is important for Figure competitors to bring on the stage. Of course I tried working on my legs too. But my legs are the hardest part to build. It was one of my greatest challenges other than my midsection.

So 2017 was the last year (2nd year) of the promise I told my self, that means 2018 I have to compete. That last 2 years of my life, I was not just preparing my body for a competition but I was also trying to fix me, getting my life back. I decided to seek help for my depression mid last year, 2017 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I knew that it was time to deal with it. It was the last missing piece of the puzzle to finally patch my life back. I began to think good about myself and I started to look at life in a better light. I was finally free!! Here comes 2018 and I was so ready to face it head on. I knew in my heart that 2018 will be a great year for me, in every areas of my life. I decided to compete for a July show and started my prep on March, however the show was cancelled. I was 4 weeks on my prep. The moment I heard it was cancelled, I started eating like a pig. Hahhaha…. I started gaining weight again. I actually felt like crap and I started doubting myself thinking maybe I’m not meant to compete. I got back to my senses when I went to my very first fit expo in San Jose, California and met 4x Ms. Fitness OLYMPIA Oksana Grishina. I asked her for an advise and she just told me to just "be fearless and follow your dream.” But the person who really pushed me to do it is nobody else but my only son. So when I finally decided I will go for it, I reached out to my coach and told him I’m competing and the moment I get back to Guam the prep is 110% on!!! Even though I was still working out while on vacation. I had 11 weeks to prep for the Guam NPC National Bodybuilding Championship .

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Chest Day Thursday. With our right shoulder hurting, my brother and I decided to hit chest. Brilliant idea??????... not really. It hurt but it feels so good ??... Workout: - incline BB press - superset : incline DB press & incline DB flys - flat bench DB press - cable flys (high to low) And I did 60 min cycling in the morning for my fasted cardio. ?????????? It's high carb day for me so we went to Cheesecake Factory to see my beautiful cousin Reyza and her booboo ???? Good day !!!! Even though I know my shoulder won't let me sleep tonight ?? #bodybuilding #chestworkout #chestday #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitfam #fitnessgirl #fitnessjourney #bodytransformation #strongwomen #musclechick #alwayshungry #noquitting #alwaysgrinding

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Well, since my body type really loves carbs hahahaha and it really holds on to it and stays in my midsection mostly, I have to be in a low carb diet during pre-contest and of course a caloric deficit as well. During off season, I’m eating more carbs now.

The most effective diet for my body is the low carb diet. Carbs will be mostly from veggies and not from starch or grain during low carb day but can have it on high carb day or reefed. In order to build muscle, eating enough protein is essential. So, I’m always on a high protein diet. All the diet plans that I actually tried were effective as long as I was consistent with it. I didn’t see the result I wanted not because of the ineffectiveness of the diet but because of my inconsistency.

Growing up, I was very shy, timid, had low self esteem, everything you name it. I would have the worst stage fright whenever I used to perform on stage or even speak in front of a crowd. So, I trained myself as well on that area. I started listening to podcast on how to overcome stage fright, how to control your nerves, deal with anxiety, and how to be confident. As well as how to remain relaxed and calm during the show. And of course, practicing my posing routines regularly. I constantly watch videos of Figure competitors like 2X Ms. Figure OLYMPIA Cydney Gillon, 2x Ms. Figure OLYMPIA Erin Stern. I would study their walks, poses, and their stage presence.

Weight training, proper nutrition, and rest. Those were the Big 3. I train fasted every morning, that’s weight lifting with 45-60 min cardio on stair master and another cardio again in the afternoon. That’s during pre-contest. Eating 6 meals a day. It is very important that you prepare your meals and bring it with you so you don’t slack off or miss a meal, or worse get tempted to eat something that you would regret later. Self discipline is important and making sure that you make yourself accountable for everything you do in training and nutrition, sticking to the plan and not allowing yourself to get distracted. Staying focused on the goal.

Finally the long awaited day had come, I was very excited yet calm. The hours of listening to the podcast while doing my cardio really paid off. I’ve met great and wonderful athletes. The check in was the day before the show and it was really fun. Everyone seemed really nice and friendly. During the prejudging, everyone was getting excited, nerves everywhere yet I remained calm. I just couldn’t wait to get on that stage. Prejudging went pretty smooth. Comes the Finals and it was awesome. I never imagined how much fun I had on that stage. Couple of girls were getting nervous and I encouraged them to calm down and relax and just enjoy the show.

Did I forget to mention that the original suit that I custom ordered didn’t come in and I have to look for a suit the day before the show? Yes!!! It was very challenging. One thing I can say I was so proud of myself because despite of the situation, I remained calm and did not panic at all. Thank God that I was able to find a suit that fits me.

Being an athlete is such a life changing experience. Bodybuilding, health and fitness has saved my life – it changed my life. I started believing in myself again, I gained self confidence, I became a better version of myself, I started understanding my body, knowing myself and loving me. Truly bodybuilding has changed me, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have developed a character of discipline, respect, humility, patience, and focus.

My journey has just begun. I am looking forward to competing again and getting that Procard. I know it won’t be easy but I will accept the challenge. I am considering of relocating back stateside to pursue a career in the fitness industry. I know that great opportunities await. And I am excited what life has to offer to me.

All I ever wanted to do is to make a positive impact to people through my life experiences and my fitness journey… that we are all destined for greatness!!!!


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