Christine Herceg

I am currently 54 years old and live in Florida with my husband John. I was a wife and a mother of four children for many years up until 7 years ago when I got a divorce. I had always focused on everyone else's needs and now it was time for me to do something for myself. My kids were all older and doing for themselves, they had friends, school etc. I decided to join a brand new flagship location Gold's Gym that had opened up only about two minutes from my house. It was a huge two level gym with everything imaginable to build a body. I wasn't sure how to use the equipment and was confused about how to go about working out. I hired a personal trainer who taught me how to eat and how to exercise properly for my goals of losing some weight and firming up. Once I started working out I didn't want to stop. I kept my membership going and went at least three times a week.

My Diet

I eat very clean and pretty much stick to salads, vegetables, chicken, eggs, salmon and occasionally some red meat. I eat a low carb diet with some good fats. I avoid processed foods, drink lots of water and will have an occasional cheat day. I feel better when my diet is clean. I have more energy and actually do better staying a bit hungry.


My husband and I train at least 5 days per week. We will break up muscle groups and lately on leg day we have been walking on an inclined treadmill while our partner is doing a set on the leg press, then we switch. We keep this routine going for 30 minutes. We dedicate about two days per week to legs, my legs are my weakness so I need to work them harder. We always work in a no distraction allowed high intensity workout mode. We wear headphones and listen to great music while training which is key. We leave our cell phones in the car so we do not have that distraction. We do not start conversations with people because that would interrupt our high intensity training.


In the beginning like any other woman, I started out with very little muscle tone, I was flabby and needed the strength training to get me in shape which it has. My challenges were what most women of my age of 54 and having had four children were. I needed to lose some fat to be able to build some muscle. My triceps were flabby, my stomach was flabby. Strength training has eliminated most of the flab and to this day I continue to work out regularly to stay in shape.

Future Goals

My husband and I are currently working on creating a very unique website called Sultry And Strong. With this site we will help inspire and motivate women to get in the best shape they can and to not think that as we age we can not retain a nice physique.

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