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Since I was young Iíve always been an athlete. One of the top sprinters at my high school, continuing that trend through college (unfortunately I was a red shirt during the 4yrs so I was unable to run). After college I felt almost empty, like something was missing but I couldnít figure out what it was. One day I was scrolling though Instagram and saw on the explore page a picture of Dana Lynn Bailey and Marvelous Marg. That day I set out to compete in my first show, this was back in 2015 when I also was mentally in a bad place. So putting my focus towards doing my first show allowed me to stop my own self destruction.

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The only thing that really changes for me during both seasons is that my calories are significantly higher in my offseason. I try to keep my cheat meals to 1 or 2 a week depending but during prep I get one every two weeks or so. The food I eat stays the same but I have more room for creativity in my offseason. The best diet thus far that has worked for is moderate protein, moderate carbs, and low fat. My body responds really well to consistent carbs so I donít carb cycle, just keep the same amount every week.

One year I tried high protein with low carbs and low fat (not my choice but an old coach had me try it out). Was not happy with the final out come of that prep. My body basically shut down due to not having any fats or carbs. So Iíll never do that diet again.

My current regimen is fasted in the am HIIT, lifting then post cardio HIIT. Cardio is 6 days a week and lifting is 5 days a week. Since my diet stays the same I donít have to think much about the balance with training as itís preplanned out.

Most recent show was Jr.Nationals. Though I wasnít too happy with the outcome I enjoyed every second of being on stage. Athlete check in was super smooth, they had separation for each division so it was crowded and easy to get set up and ready to go. Jr. Nationals was run very quickly. At prejudging there wasnít much time at all to pump up and get ready. They ran it extremely fast and I think I was on stage for maybe 2mins and then my class was done. I do feel like prejudging should have gone a little slower but it is what it is. Finals was nothing spectacular as I didnít place top 5 so I just walked across the stage. Doing a national show surreal and I loved every second of it.

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My whole life is being an athlete. My work revolves around the fitness industry (I make suits and posing trunks), so everything kind of just comes together for me. My friends and boyfriend all compete either in bodybuilding shows, strongman, powerlifting, etc so I donít get any peer pressure to go out eating or drinking.

My future plans are to continue on with prep. Win another overall, then step back on stage at North Americans in August. After I will be taking a year off to continue to become the best figure athlete out there.


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