Christina Hall - Figure Competitor

Well I'm 33 a mom of three. I started training 2 years ago. I eat 6 times a day my diet changes depending on a show or photoshoot. I had my first competition on July 7 which I took my first overall win and two other wins. I found my courage in the mirror and in seeing my young daughter be proud of me. I have lost like 7 sizes. I train 6 days a week. Everything from training for this show down to show diet was challenging. Nothing is easy.

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I have to say my last week was the hardest the diet the depletion and water loss. People have no clue how hard it is. The makeup, the tan, the suits, the pretty jewel all of it is personal and so much fun. Prejudging is all nerves, hopelessly practicing your movements hoping you don't sweat and don't forget to smile lol.

I have to say it was one of the greatest feelings I have experienced. I can not wait till my next show I'm gonna for bigger and better.

My daughter went with me and she was my confidence! I could not be more proud as a mom of three to look the way I do. But it is earned not given I eat perfect 6 times a day I work out 6 days a week for 3 hours.

I stayed for critics from the judges and the only thing they said I need to improve is my lat spread and maybe make my quads a tad larger. I am working on that now.

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Growth comes not from failing but from what you learn from your fail and how you grow from it. I plan on my first national qualifier next year I am taking this time to grow bigger and better then I want to step in stage and rock the house.


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