Christi Klimek - WBFF Pro Bikini Model

I became interested in competing after joining a gym and making the commitment for a healthier lifestyle, a little over two years ago. I had gained 60+ pounds after having my son and lost it very quickly and unhealthy by extreme ďdietingĒ and poor eating habits. It was detrimental I find a mindset where I could be healthy, strong and happy. I started lifting and eating more (GOOD for you) foods and saw amazing improvements in my body and just my overall mood. I was hooked!

My off season diet differs from pre-contest mostly in my carbohydrate intake. My protein is slightly less than when Iím prepping for a competition as well as my fats but the huge difference is the amount of carbs I consume. I also carb cycle in the off season which I do not do in prep. About 6 weeks out I start carb depleting as well as eliminate sodium from my diet. I tend to intuitively eat in my off season when Iím just concentrating on growing in the gym. I know what works for my body and what does not. If Iím ever feeling less than where I should be I will count my macros to ensure Iím getting the proper intake for my specific goals.

In my off season I tend to do minimal amounts of cardio, maybe 10-15 minutes as a warm up and I lift 6 times a week, with a rest day. Before my last competition I was doing 60 mins cardio a day and lifting in the evenings, taking a rest day from lifting but cardio every day. My body reacts well to cardio and HIIT when it comes to fat loss, so I stick to what I know works best. Most days itís tiring being at the gym for 2-3 hours a day but the end results is most certainly worth it. I also work hard to balance my gym life, home life, and work life for a steady flow of consistency.

Iíve worked so hard to obtain the physique I walk on stage with as well as the other women standing there with me. I think thatís the most motivating aspect of it all. We are all on that stage showing off our hard work and dedication, making it all so worth the late night and early morning trainings, constant meal prepping, etc. I also grew up in competitive cheerleading and dance so being on a stage performing is like a second nature to me.

I just recently competed in my first competition in Oklahoma City. It was insane! So much more amazing that I ever could have imagined. Every person I came in contact with was nothing short of amazing and so motivating. There was never a moment where I felt overwhelmed or out of place. Prejudging was a little nerve wrecking, as it was my first time on stage. As noted above being in front of a crowd performing was not the worst part, I was really worried about falling! Luckily all my posing practice paid off! I competed in two different categories. WBFF Diva Fitness and WBFF Diva Bikini. I placed 3rd in Fitness and 1st in Bikini also earning my Pro Card. Simply put Ö DREAM COME TRUE!

Future plans will include about a 4 month off season to concentrate on specific areas for growing and shaping leading into my first Pro Show in LA next April, then off to London for Worlds 2017!

Instagram: chrismichellek_wbffpro

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Christi Klimek