Christelle Zarovska - IFBB Physique Pro

2018 Arnold Amateur Women Physique Winner

My fitness journey started about 4 years ago when I taught spin classes. At some point got curious about how weights would transform my body and devoted myself to a healthier lifestyle, which included eating better and quitting smoking. Eventually I decided to take part in my first local competition in 2014. I won overall in my division at the J Cutler Competition then again in the following two years. I went on to participate in the Arnold Classic, which boasted over 20,000 athletes, and I placed 3rd in the figure division. My dad passed away while I was participating in the CAC in 2017, so I took a few months off.

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My most recent victory, which was this year, placed me in the professional category. The routine, the passion and the dedication are what keep me going. I love the structure that fitness training brought to my life. Now that Iím in off-season my body is still accustomed to eating six times a day no matter what. I can also eat more carbs. In the morning Iíll have eggs, oatmeal, fruit. The diet I stick to is based on my macros. On the weekends Iíll indulge a bit more, and have two cheat days. Itís about balance. During competitions I reduce carbs and stay on fish and greens, oatmeal and at night I have about 1 or 2 squares of 80% dark chocolate. I donít follow any specific regimen other than counting my macros based on my body. In competing you learn how your body works, so itís easier for you to know what causes inflammation and what helps to build muscles. I have a healthy balance, because itís not about punishing myself.

Initially I was very shy, but slowly as you workout it grows your confidence. My coach, Antonio, made me more confident in myself. He was who first taught me to pose and learn my angles and how to flex. Then, when I got on stage, the audience gave me a lot of support and I am grateful.

In the off-season I only train one hour per day and I rest on weekends. The best training for me is fifteen minutes warming up, forty-five minutes of the scheduled workout then about fifteen minutes of cardio. Itís what works for me. But I donít do a lot of cardio when Iím in my down time. As I get closer to a competition I will slowly increase the amount of cardio and less heavy training to drop body fat.

The competitions were amazing and I loved it. My most recent experience was very organized and I have met the most wonderful ladies, with really great personalities and theyíve become good friends of mine.

Fitness training has given me a lot of structure. I love it. I also eat a lot more food. Thankfully I have had no injuries, thanks to staying healthy and watching my nutrition. Also, it has allowed me to meet great people from around the world. Of course I plan to compete on a professional level now. My dream is to work with children, especially those who come from difficult environments, and use exercise and routine to help them build structure and healthy lifestyles.

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