Christelle Zarovska - Figure Competitor

Christelle: I started competing when I started working Incredible Nutrition & More (February 2014) which is a supplement store located in St Maarten.

My diets didnít change so much because I eat healthy through the year, most effective for me is to eat high protein diet.
Off season I take in more carbohydrates. I eat oatmeal with Banana and Almond and Cinnamoun &Flaxseed, for lunch I have Rice or sweet potatoes with 6 oz. Ch-Breast and carrots and dinner is Steak or Fish with Salad and Veggies, For snacks are handful of almonds, walnuts, or Dark Chocolate. I will eat this every day and then off on Saturday lunch, and Sunday dinner because Iím with my family. Off season I love to do spinning 4 times per week because I love how I feel after it!

Pre-contest: Breakfast 4 egg whites boiled and Carrots, 2 hour after Green Apple with 1 handfull almonds. Lunch fish with sweet potatoes. 2 hours later brussels sprouts 1/2 green Apple and 1/2 cucumber. 2 hours after fish with spinach & radishes. Dinner fish with asparagus. I will cheat on Sundays with breakfast & lunch then back on diet. 2 weeks out no cheat meals. This is the only diet I have tried above, because it is my first experience in competing. Favorite food: Protein bars (Power Crunch bars & Quest bars).

On and off season I workout only superset and muscle group training, I only stay 50 min at the gym 15min cardio warm up and 30 min weight training and 5 min stretch. I drink amino explode right after training and then a protein shake & glutamines.

* In morning:
Multivitamin, Excellean from SEI
Vitamin B Complex,Vitamines E and BCAA.
* Before/Workouts:
* After/Workouts:
Amino Explode MDY and Hydro 4 from Chaotic labs

Here is my training Program:

Monday: 30min cardio and 20min weights
Tuesday: 45min cardio
Wednesday: 30min cardio and 20min weights
Thursday:45min cardio
Friday: 30min cardio and 20min weights
Saturday: 45min cardio
Sunday: rest

My training program during off season:
Monday- 30min shoulders workout (I usually do 4 reps of each exercises going from heavy till light weight dumbbell press 50lbs till 20lbs)
15min warm up Cardio

Tuesday-30 min Legs workout (i usually do 4 reps of each exercises heavy weight for leg press 250lbs)
15min warm up Cardio

Wednesday- 30min Back workout (I usually do 4 reps of each exercises heavy weight pull down 50lbs)
15min warm up of Cardio

Thursday- Core 45min (I usually do 4 reps of each exercises)
15min warm up of Cardio

Friday- 30 min Legs workout(I usually do 4 reps of each exercises going heavy weight squat 100lbs)
15min warm up of Cardio

Saturday- Spinning 45 min

Sunday- REST

Future plans:
One day become a Pro, so I can get a sponsor to continue my journey in this industry.

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Christelle Zarovska

Christelle Zarovska