Christa Liammayty - Figure Competitor

I've played sports my whole life, so I've always been active. I started lifting weight as early as middle school. I can remember being in the weight room and repping out 95 lbs on the bench press. The guys would just stare at me in amazement. After high school, I joined the Navy as a combat medic. While I was stationed in California, a good friend of mine competed. She was actually the first bikini pro back in 2009.

Unfortunately because of deployments overseas, I was unable to compete at that time. However, when I turned 30, I promised myself I would get on that stage! My first show debut was the Baltimore Classic, Oct 17, right before my 31st birthday!! I have competed in two amateur shows thus far with two 1st place win in my class and an overall. Next will be nationals next week actually, NPC Universe!

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Future plans is obviously to get my professional card. However, with every competition I do, my only goal is to make improvements and adjustments and come in better than I was at my last competition. Balancing life and competing is difficult at times because I am a full time student, personal trainer, and a competitor. It definitely can be exhausting at times, but when you love something and have passion for something, you always find time to make it work!

As a personal trainer, I always emphasize diet to all my clients because that is the most important aspect of weight loss, body building, or even just trying to maintain. It's not any different for competitors. My diet has been different for each bulk and each prep. As the body changes, your diet changes to fit your body's needs. This last prep, we tried to mimick the same criteria as my first prep, but my body rejected the process. So, I have been on a ketogenic diet for 8 weeks now. Keto isn't conventional for body building or competing, but each competitor is different. Knowing your body and what works for you is key!

You dont always need weights or machines to workout!! Tricep pulses are a great way to burn those tris!! Keep the movement to a minimum and focus on the squeeze at the top. Parking lot circuit for my client and me this sunny morning!! Let's get it ???????? . . #personaltrainer #noweights #circuit #hiit #fitchicksofig #fitnessfreak #fitnesschick #parkinglotworkout #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #becreative #gymmotivation #gymrat #fullbody #legs #motivate #instafit #inspire

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Each phase is a process, from maintaining in offseason, to doing a clean bulk, then finally preparing for your show! Diet and training changes during each phase which is part of the process I love the most. Building and working on your areas of improvement during offseason and bulk, then stripping the fat away to see exactly what you've worked so hard on to improve! That's why I love this sport, it's art to me! Also, I have met some amazing people throughout my competing journey, and I am very blessed to have so much love and support from my friends and family.


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