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I was always an athlete growing up. I was a year-round basketball and soccer player; I was always active. I’m not sure why I stopped, but when I did, life got the best of me. Through poor judgement (eating and daily habits) and lack of exercise, I got up to 250 pounds at 5’7”.

In 2013, I decided to make a change. I was tired of looking in the mirror, being disgusted with myself, and hating the person looking back. I made small, daily changes, and did what I could until I could do more. I practiced portion control, joined a local gym, and made small, attainable goals. I lost about 30 pounds on my own, my boyfriend at the time (my now husband) took over and I lost another 30 pounds. At that point I hired a coach, Shelby Starnes, for general weight loss.

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By November 2014 I had lost over 110 pounds. So, we decided to see if I could put on some muscle and compete. March 2015 was my first show, The Phil Heath Classic. I completed in figure. The judges’ critiques were that I was “too conditioned” and that I had “too much muscle for figure.” They recommended that I try women’s physique. So that’s what I did. In 2016 I competed in two shows, placing 1st in one and 2nd in the other. This past year, 2017, I competed at Nationals placing 6th and again in Texas a couple weeks later to requalify, taking the overall win.

My diet in off-season versus contest prep is very similar in food choices but in a larger quantity. I also will have a day, usually Saturday, when I go out to eat and not “track” my calories. The most effective way for my body to gain muscle during offseason is to increase my protein intake. I generally up my carbs as well at this point, but fats always remain low. In order to cut, my body responds well to a carb cycling protocol until we cut carbs all together. I find that I actually feel better eating this way- I don’t ever feel lethargic or run-down with the lack of carbs. I have tried diets before with too many carbs and my body did not respond well to this. I have also had a “carb-up” protocol where I did this on Wednesday to compete on Saturday and I spilled over. It wasn’t enough time for my body to process through.

I’ve always performed in front of people, whether it was singing, acting, or playing the piano, so standing on stage in front of people comes naturally for me. I’m only nervous while waiting in line to go on. Once I hit the stage, the nerves disappear.

My training style is very basic. I use both compound movements as well as isolation exercises. Cardio is a variation of both HIIT and steady state. I prefer the elliptical for HIIT and Stepmill is most effective for steady. I generally have the majority of my carbs based around my workout (pre and post) for fuel.

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This year I competed at Nationals in Miami. It was one of the most exciting experiences! Athlete check-ins and waiting back stage for prejudging was so exciting. Placing 6th was a little disappointing for me because I didn’t want to have to do another local show to requalify, but honestly I was proud of my efforts and knew that I hadn’t brought my best physique. Going into my requalification show 2 weeks later I had the mindset that I just wanted to bring a better package. I worked hard and ended up winning the overall. Something that I had gotten so close to the previous year. I was ecstatic and the feeling is unexplainable.

Being an athlete affects your life just like any other activity you do daily. It becomes a part of your lifestyle. Just like I get up and go to work daily, I do the same for the gym. This past year was a little different because I got married 3 weeks before Nationals. Balancing work, prep, and planning a wedding was taxing but well worth it.

My future plans include competing at North Americans in August. We will see how I do and go from there. Any placing above 6th will be great because that is an improvement, but if I’m being honest- none of us work this hard for anything less than 1st.

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