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Updated profile of Chloe Sannito. (See 1st appearance from August 2014).
April 2016

I actually used to be overweight as a freshman in high school and decided to go away to a weightloss camp in Florida for the summer! I wound up losing 30lbs in the 6 weeks I was there and then decided to follow up with a trainer afterward. I lost like 30 more lbs with him and eventually wound up meeting a guy who was a bodybuilder. After a few weeks we started dating and he wanted me to do a show. I really didn't wanna do it, but then when we broke up I wanted to get back at him so I did a show and ended up winning haha! Obviously now I do it for myself but that's how it started.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: Honestly the foods don't change at all. Really just the amounts. Unfortunately I'm one of those people where I don't need a lot of food. I'm always hungry lol. I would say offseason I get up to 2200 cals or so. Prep we slowly cut back food and increase cardio. Genetically I put on muscle very easy. I'll grow in prep as well.

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Everyone is different and it took me a long time to figure out what worked best for me, but high protein doesn't agree with me very well and either does keto. I had a lot of thyroid issues so fatloss was extremely difficult for me for a long time, so I'm sure now that my body's back in order I could retry keto. It seems to work for a lot of people and it's a very good approach.

I train like a bodybuilder, one part a day, heavy enough to have good form and a lot of drop sets. Form is so important a lot of people don't understand that it's not just about heavy weight. Cardio right now I mix it up between HIIT and LISS. HIIT is something I'm doing post workout as of now and LISS is fasted.

I used to have a lot of confidence issues in the past being overweight, but to be honest when you see what you're capable of and learn to love yourself physical confidence will eventually come a long. Offseason when I had so many hormonal issues I got a bit too fat and I knew in my head that I worked harder than a lot of girls at what I was doing and I could give a shit what people thought because I don't compete to look good year round I compete to win and bring my best to the stage.

My very first show I honestly had no intentions of winning. I pretty much just did it to get back at people which was the completely WRONG reason to compete, but I ended up winning! I was nervous of messing up but not really to lose. My third show I was extremely nervous because I was competing to actually try and do well and I knew by middle of my prep something was wrong hormonally and I knew I wasn't going to do well.

My future plans are this year! 2016. I transferred divisions to women's physique and I plan on doing wings of strength in Chicago! Intensions are to follow up at USA's three weeks later.

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People can contact me for online or in person training at my email: or Fb or Instagram: @chloesannito.

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