Chest Training

Create an impressive chest that the judges will notice.
Author: Daisy Williams Mangieri, WNBF Pro

I do 25 sets each muscle. I choose 5 exercises and do 5 sets each. I always change my first exercise, mode, angle and grip. Each time I walk in the gym I change my first exercise.

For example:
-Week 1 incline press
-Week 2 flat press
-Week 3 decline press
Always start with a press. The fly is great for shaping but the press is best for size. For well developed chest you need to make sure to hit all the angles each time you train.

My perfect exercise set consists of:

1- light weight
Worm up focus on full range of motion 15 reps

2- heavy weight
Still keeping good form shooting for failure at 10 reps. But if you can do more than 10 keep going.

3- heavier weight
If you failed at 10 reps on the last set stick with the weight from the last set

4- heaviest weight
Fail Fail Fail. Before 10 reps if not do another heavy set. You went to light.

5- light weight
This again focuses on form and to feel a great burn. Try to get 15 reps.

My favorite exercise -cables, cables, cables. I love using cables because the tight squeeze you get at the end of the motion is great for creating cleavage. My favorite of them is the incline chest press. You really get a great squeeze in the center of the top of the chest. Which adds beautiful muscle around the collar bone.

My favorite chest workout (but again I change it up every week)
1- Incline cable press supper set with incline push-ups (5 sets)
2- Flat dumbbell press (5 sets)
3- Decline press (5 sets)
4- Flat fly using fly machine (5 sets)
5- Chest frontal raise (5 sets)

- Keep it interesting change it up.
- Always change your first exercise.
- Don't stop a set number stop when you can't do anymore.
- If you doing sets of 10 reps and make it to 10, you MUST go heavier next time.
- Don't be afraid to train chest. A lot of women think it will make your chest smaller. Not at all. It's body fat loss that can make your chest smaller. After all breasts are largely just body fat.

- Be careful when using a flat bench with the traditional Olympic bar.
I myself never use it because when I go heavy it hurts my rotator cuff.
- Be careful not to go too wide on the flys. This puts a lot of pressure on your rotator cuff which can lead to injury.

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