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I first got into fitness and working out after high school, I joined a gym and started learning what I could. The employees of the gym were extremely helpful and got me out of the rut of doing only cardio and fitness classes and got me into lifting, they encouraged me and worked out with me and they were my greatest motivation to continue working out. At the gym there was a girl who was then prepping for a bikini competition. Being still very new to fitness and the idea of competing, I admired her hard work ethic and was amazed at how much her physique changed over the course of her prep. I decided then that one day I would like to get myself to the same level and I've been constantly trying to improve myself ever since!

Diet and Training

From off season to pre contest my diet would vary quite a bit, in the off season I make sure that my body has all the fuel it needs to build new muscle and get stronger with all my lifts in the gym. Off season would generally be higher carb, protein content would still be close to pre contest and fats would be moderate. This past off season I have been dabbling in the "If It Fits Your Macros" dieting schemes and I actually love it a lot, I never feel deprived of anything and I feel a lot more balanced.
Pre contest diets in the past have been the typical low carb, moderate fat, higher protein diet. Protein usually stays at 1g per 1lb of body weight throughout prep, changing if need be. In the past my carbs have always been low, usually around 20-45g per day.
Since trying IIFYM I found that to be the most effective for my off season training as I was able to get a lot stronger and put on a good amount of muscle.

The typical pre contest low carb and low fat diets I have tried in the past didn't work well for me, which is why I would personally try IIFYM next prep. I was able to lose some weight, but stalled frequently and always felt and looked flat. I never felt satisfied, which, I understand that competition dieting is usually difficult and not what one would typically eat since the goal is to become as ripped as possible in 12 weeks. However, since I always felt deprived, it drove me into a vicious cycle of binging and purging. I recognized that this was an extremely unhealthy cycle and behavior and would only get worse the longer I continued. Every day was a constant internal battle with trying not to binge, and if I did I was always over come with suffocating guilt which led to the purging to try and "save" my diet. I feel like competing has many dark sides and this one was the darkest for me.
Because of this unhealthy cycle, my physique was no where near what it should have been and I knew this was my fault. I felt like I had miserably failed my prep. I decided to go ahead and do the competition anyway since I had come so far and put so much work into it and even though my physique wasn't what I had envisioned, I felt like competing would overall be a good experience, for learning for the next time anyway.

During prep my workouts consisted of lifting 5 times a week, different muscle group every day, and steady state cardio for 2 hours every day, 1 hour fasted and 1 hour after my workout session.
As of right now I am training with my boyfriend who is an independent wrestler, I have actually noticed the most changes with his programs with change every 12 weeks or so. Usually the workouts are 5-6 days a week with little to no cardio. Right now the workouts are mostly made up of compound lifts, lots of squats, dead lifts, presses, lots of volume!
With balancing diet and training right now I'm not obsessing too much over my diet, I eat clean but I make sure I fuel my body as the workouts are very demanding and intense.
Funny enough, with less cardio and less obsessing over my diet I have noticed the best results as far as my physique looks now, I think its almost the best its ever looked!
I no longer have a problem with eating disorders as I no longer feel deprived of everything, I feel a million times better.

On Stage

Fortunately for me I am a competitive Highland Dancer and have done many competitions so being on stage in front of a crowd of people wasn't that nerve wracking for me. I knew many of the people watching were all very supportive and wanted to see me do my best.

For the most part the last show I did was really good, very fun, met lots of new friends and enjoyed my day quite a bit. Athlete check ins were good, a little stressful as I was unsure that the bottoms on my suit would pass inspection, in the end they did, provided I use a lot of bikini bite.
Pre judging felt rushed, the show started off slow and then all of the sudden they started going through classes so fast, my makeup artist was busy tanning people and my tan was not complete so I had a mini melt down over the fact that I thought I would have to go on stage with my tan unfinished and no makeup. I got half my makeup done in a mad panic and then because I was so behind, had no time to pump up so that was very unfortunate. Once I got on stage things went well, I felt like I had good stage presence and felt very confident and hit all my poses. After that I just relaxed back stage, didn't make it to finals, but was very happy with the package I was able to bring although ultimately it could have been better for sure.

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Future Plans: As of right now I don't have a specific competition lined up to do next but I would like to in the future. I would like to do more photo shoots in the future as I have done a couple and really enjoyed them. Right now I am happy just living a more balanced, healthy lifestyle, working out, balancing diet and workouts, making time for family and the other special people in my life.

Contact details - email, Instagram: pollypocket_28, Facebook - Chelsea Feilberg.

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