Chela Garcia Q&A

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
January 2013

1. Chela, how are you?

Chela Garcia: Fine Thank You…

2. Please introduce yourself?

Chela Garcia: My Name is Marisela Garcia, My nick name is Chela I live in Houston, Texas.

What's your background?

My Back ground? Hmmm let me see where do I begin lol…. I was born in Mexico I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. My parents had a small farm where raised cattle and harvest land, one day my father told my mother that he would like to get us our visa’s and move to the United States…. He sold his cattle and a couple of his harvest trucks to have money to get us our visas. He contacted an attorney to get us all set up on the process, after a few months we all got our visa’s and moved to Brownsville for a few months than moved to Florida for a couple of years moved back to Texas and ended making Texas our home town. Ever since I was in my teans I loved looking thru magazines and wishing I could look like those competitors and always wondered how they trained and looked so amazing. I never imagined that I would be competing like those girls did.

3. How and when did you get involved into lifting weights?

Chela Garcia: I’ve been a single parent for 20 years so I’ve had my struggles in life, but I have no regrets… My struggles have made my daughter and me stronger women and love where life has led us. I’ve always taken care of myself and worked out since I was 16 yrs old… I joined Bally’s I met Alonso Brown he was my very first trainer, My daughter was 12 yrs old and needed me so I put the gym on hold. I knew I wanted to go back to training, because I would get this energy every time I trained, but I had to put my training aside to attend to my daughters activities. I wanted to give her all my attention and be there for her.

At that time I would still train every once in a while, but was not dedicated. I also tried to maintain my diet. When she turned 16 and had her own car and was able to get around on her own I realized that I had some free time and I started to hit the gym with full force. I joined one of the local gyms and a couple of the trainers approached me and asked me if I had ever thought of competing… I said no not really, but I really admire the girls that did, they said we can get you on stage all you have to do is kick it up a notch… lol well I took their advice. Thanks to Juan Araujo and Todd Tanner I competed.
My first competition was Texas State October 2010, I competed in Bikini, it was an awesome experience! I remember looking at all the girls and I was so amazed by them. I was hooked. I didn’t place I asked the Judges for their critique and they said my body looked to hard for Bikini, that’s when I changed to Figure, April 2012 I competed at the NPC Texas State Shredder and placed 2nd that qualified me to Team U were I didn’t place. I was told that I needed to grow so I hit the gym even harder kicked up my diet and workout routine thanks to IFBB Pro Nick Scott and Keith Klein.

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4. What do you enjoy most about competing in the figure division? Wow…. I love competing meeting the competitors getting to know them and what works for them. At the end of the show we all end up being friends weather we place or not.

Chela Garcia: I get a high competing… knowing that my body is going to change from last competition to the next one.

5. Which contest has been the biggest success for you so far?

Chela Garcia: NPC 2012 Texas Shredder where I placed 2nd and qualified me to compete in Team Universe… I didn’t get to place in Team Universe but I sure did learn a lot from it, what I needed to do to get to the next level. My last competition was NPC Texas State I placed 2nd and again I get to compete for a Pro qualifier. I am very excited to see what this year brings me.

6. What keeps you motivated to be at your best as an athlete?

Chela Garcia: My daughter Marissa… My great fitness friends. I wouldn’t be in this level I am in if it weren’t for Jessica Perales, Sheilahe Brown, Greg Corruer, William (Bubba) and IFBB Pro Nick Scott I am so blessed to have them in my life. I feel so much better about myself. I get a high when I’m at the gym. I love training wouldn’t have it any other way. I am aiming for my Pro-Card and hoping to accomplish my goal.
My number one supporter is my daughter Marissa she keeps me going and helps me keep my diet on track. Especially when we have family functions coming from a Latin family we party with a lot of food and drinks!! She is always around me making sure I don’t cheat when I am close to a show. She is my foundation and I would be lost without her. I love inspiring people I often get men and women come to me and ask me if I’m a trainer. I say no, but if you ever need any help on anything just let me know. I love it when they come up to me and say I lost so many lbs because of you! You inspire me! That is such a great feeling to help change someone’s life to better healthier life style

Chela Garcia

Chela with Marissa

7. What challenges do you have when it comes to staying consistently staying in tip top shape?

Chela Garcia: I work for 4 companies so that itself is a challenge, I try to focus on what I will be training after I leave work, get home and shower eat and sleep lol

8. Make us envy - best lifts and the most reps (squat, bench, deadlift)?

Chela Garcia: I have my Beast Mode moments when I can lift pretty heavy for a girl lol… I can pull one arm Row 100lbs 8 reps, the highest I've legged press was 680lbs for 10 reps.

9. What are your tips for gaining lean muscle mass?

Chela Garcia: Eat 6 to 7 clean meals a day, don’t skip meals. Train hard and do your cardio

10. How do you spend your free time?

Chela Garcia: I really don’t have much free time… I train 6 times a week, work full time for 4 companies. So my only free time is my rest day which I end up running errands cleaning house and preparing meals for the next few days.

11. So, when will you hit the stage again and what physical improvements can we expect to see?

Chela Garcia: My goal is to hit the stage in July aiming for my ProCard. My first show will be Team Universe, If I don’t place for my pro card than my next will be NPC Masters National Championships.

Chela Garcia - NPC National Figure Athlete/Advertising Model

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