Chela Garcia - IFBB Figure Pro

Update, April 2017

Since my last interview I have conquered my goal of getting my Pro Card and becoming an IFBB Pro Athlete I placed 1st in Masters in 2015 at The NPC Universe Competition in New Jersey

My most recent competition was Tim Gardner’s Hawaiian Pro show. I competed March 11, 2017. Check-ins is pretty awesome because you get to interact with the entire Pro’s. Prejudging is surreal I get to stand next to all these beautiful Olympia Pro’s that to me is my award to be compared with these young beautiful ladies. Pretty amazing to be around all of them. The finals go by so quick the fun part is getting to know them and taking selfies back stage

I have truly enjoyed my journey, love meeting the competitors and making new friends back stage and also the promotors. I am not as nervous as I use to be when I was competing to place 1st to get my pro card… I feel different now I don’t stress like I use to, I just go have fun on stage. I am my own competition… I always look to improve my physique and take a better package to every competition I try to look tighter and leaner, but full.

My diet consists of 6 meals a day… off season I eat lots of carbs and a bit more protein and of course veggies my coach alternates my carbs depending how I look. My training is intense lots of high intensity workouts. 4 to 5 sets 10-12 reps. Lifting a bit heavier to get muscle gains. I need to increase my shoulder and lats size so training heavier is needed. Cardio is key to keep lean also I do fasted cardio train than do cardio after training.

My challenge is waking up at 3am to do 45 mins fasted cardio on low carbs I eat my first meal at 4:30am than train at 5am until 6-6:30am than go to work another 45mins of cardio in the evenings.

My plan is to grow… taking one day at a time, going to see how I look by the beginning of May and see if I will be ready for The Puerto Rico Pro in June, 2017 If not than we are aiming for San Antonio Pro in August, 2017.

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Chela Garcia
Chela Garcia
Photo by Dan Ray