Cheila Baronet - Bikini Competitor

I decided to compete in July 2016 after meeting a personal trainer who I asked for help with my diet. I have always been an active girl back in university and afterwards but never really saw a change or improvement in my physique. Thus I asked for guidance. As the changes on my shape after a month dieting were so much we decided to do a contest. And I never stopped from there.

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It takes time to build quality muscle mass but it is very possible. I still have a long way to go... but Iím patient ?? Working hard to earn that Card ???? Trusting every word and every single guidance given from my coach ???? Weíre working ???? @krachtigfit 2019 has already started loading ? @gorillawearusa @prozis #fitness #npcbikini #ifbbbikini #ifbbbikinipro #fitnessmodel #proqualifier #olympiaamateur #zyzz

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Diet off season vs. contest: My diet doesn't change much. Besides a slight increase on carbs and fats. And I tend to have one cheat meal more than I'm usually allowed when I'm on prep. What has been working for me is to eat very frequently in order to reduce my body fat. The diet that has failed for me was my very first one. It certainly helped me to lose weight but I didn't build any muscle due to its not so well distributed macro nutrients.

Confidence: I'm still working on this haha :) There is always room for improvement and for sure my stage presence is something I'd like to master.

I always do my fasted cardio before work (whilst my daughter is sleeping) - crosstrainer at home - for 30 minutes. After work I train and complete my second cardio before bed (after I put the baby in bed). My training plan is never the same. I change for instance my leg workout plan every 5 to 6 weeks. Super sets vs drop sets vs strength training vs hypertrophy.

My very last contest was the Olympia Amateur in Portugal. Besides having been super well organized, the whole vibe among all athletes was fantastic. I met great people, girls I even competed with and remained good friends.

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Family Baronet wishes u all a Merry Xmas. Sending much love your way ?????? PS.: Tonightís calories donít count (I hope ??)

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Being an athlete affects 100% on my daily life. I plan everything around my food, my training. Some people see this as an extreme lifestyle, I see it as a healthy lifestyle choice. I chose to become fit and healthy. Hoping my daughter learns and takes the best out of this.

I have 4 Pro Qualifier shows planned for this year. Ireland, Spain, Portugal and The Netherlands. Hoping that this year will be my year of winning the Pro Card and then work even harder to reach an Olympia Vegas level.

I'm a single mom, since my daughter was only 6 months old. Today she's 4 years. It's not an easy road to work, being a full time mom and compete. But it's so worth it when your kid asks you "mommy did you win"? Or when I'm doing my cardio and she asks "mommy are you tired? Don't stop mommy! Don't stop".


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