Charmaine Rademeyer - Bikini Competitor

I started my fitness journey from tragedy. In 2012 I lost my husband after 20 years of marriage. Having spent the better part of 20 years being a wife and mother my world was completely turned upside down. I work from home and after about a year I realized that I could go days without leaving my house so I joined the gym in 2013. We had always been a fitness conscious family but training was never my priority. Training became my therapy and my body transformed. I decided to compete in September 2013 and the rest is history as the cliche goes. Since then Ive competed in 19 competitions and placed in 16 of them.

I eat 5-6 meals a day consisting of protein such as egg whites/fish/chicken and ostrich and carbohydrates such as oats/sweet potato/green veg/salads. I include healthy fats such as peanut butter/coconut oil/olive oils. When Im not competing then I still follow the principles of eating but allow myself the off meal here and there but try keep it clean 90% of the time. During competition prep its staying strict and no cheats allowed. Drink minimum of 3 litres water a day.

Peak week which usually is a week before the comp; we reduce the carbohydrates a bit at the beginning of the week and keep the proteins high and then increase the carbohydrates 2 days before the competition.

My training programme consists of heavy weight training 4 days a week of which 2 of those is concentrating on glutes and legs and 2 days upper body. This is combined with some steady state cardio alternated with HIIT cardio on alternate days. Women should never be afraid of heavy weight training. As we age it is essential to include weight baring exercise to increase bone density. As a woman of 47 I can attest to weight training being the key and often get complimented on looking much younger.

I take CLA after meals always include a VIT C and B supplement and Glutamine and BCAAs.

My most recent contest was the past weekend where I did NABBA Provincials where I placed third in my line up and qualifying for Nationals, first and second where ironically 21 and 20 respectively so proving that age is just a number. The highlight of my career so far was becoming IBFF SA fitness over 40 champ and qualifying to represent my country at worlds in Italy where I came second. Fitness Modeling has taken off for me as well and Ill continue that in the future. Next year 2017 I will not compete in as many competitions and focus on helping girls prepare to compete.

The rest is step by step and day by day.


Charmaine Rademeyer