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My name is Charlotte Wussow, I am a 48 year old ER nurse, and part time fitness instructor. I've considered the idea of competition for several years before deciding to actually pursue it. My focus prior to competing, was to obtain my black belt in taekwondo, which I did last December. I am a very goal driven individual, striving to pursue my next challenge. Competing just seemed the next natural step in my fitness journey, and this was my first competition, but not my last, as a natural athlete.

I have followed many semi-guided, and unguided meal plans in the past; researching and reading through various fitness groups that I have joined over the years, but primarily just tried to eat clean 80% of the time. For competition, I hired Erin Crawford at Body Tempo Fitness, an IDFA figure pro athlete, who specializes in training natural athletes. She provided my training and diet plan for both on season, and is continuing to be my coach off season as well. My diet plan for both seasons is a clean eating program. For competition, it is much more restrictive than off season, and is 100% clean. There is no variation allowed from my plan during competition prep. Off season, I am allowed cheat meals on my plan. Both eating plans are guided by my training regimen. My current prep and off season plan, has given me far more success than previous plans, as it is specifically tied to my workouts and changes in my physique.

I use Magnum supplements both on and off season. On season I combine Heat, Hi5 and Big C. Off season, I am currently using Big C, Hi5, and volume. Off season, I use Isagenix products to help me stick to my nutrition goals with my busy schedule.

My training sessions vary from on to off season, but both are based on my weekly measurements and photos shared with my trainer. On season, I have two training sessions a day, both weight focused with a component of cardio. I primarily was building lean muscle in the beginning of prep and then leaning out in the following weeks. There was lots of heavy lifting training sessions, low reps of heavy weights, and a variance in cardio been HIIT, steady state, and low intensity sessions. The final week focused more on higher rep sets with lower weights, some bodyweight work, and less intense cardio sessions. Currently, off season, I have one session a day and am doing a 4 day split, with 4 days being my predominantly heavier lifting days, and 2 days focusing on arms and core development. I have one rest day a week. All training days have a component of cardio, being either HIIT, steady state or a combination of intensity. I try to vary my HIIT sessions and change from treadmill sprints, running stairs, rowing sessions, and sprints on the spin bike.

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I was definitely nervous to step on stage for my first competition. I am not overly shy, and being in front of a class as a fitness instructor helped. However, I was very self conscious about stepping out in public in a tiny bikini. Competition prep in itself helped me overcome some of these fears. As your physique changes and you become more muscular and lean, you become excited and proud of your progress. Lots of posing practice helps as well. I trained with another teammate that shared my coach, and we would do posing sessions together, both with our coach, and on our own. As we approached the final weeks to show time, we would go to our local gym studio, and practice posing in our bikinis. Although at first, it was uncomfortable, it really helped to practice in this semi public forum and start to experience what it would feel like to be exhibited so publicly. We video taped our posing sessions and critiqued one another to improve our poses and compliment our physiques.

During show weekend, I had nervous excitement and anticipation. I felt physically prepared and ready. At the athletes meeting, and backstage I felt proud of the organization that I was representing. The organization was welcoming, and fellow competitors supportive and encouraging. There was a strong family and unity feel with the NPAA, and it was an extremely positive first experience. I was also proud that I achieved such a muscular physique, both naturally, and at the age of 48. It truly was an eye opener, that age is just a number, and if you set your focus and determination on your goals, anything can be accomplished. It is never too late, and never impossible to pursue your dreams. It is truly a choice of mindset.

My future plans are to develop as a natural athlete and fitness competitor and pursue fitness modelling. This December 4, I will be attending the Vancouver Fitness Expo, Fitness Star International Model Search contest, and will be walking the runway for masters bikini division and masters athletic wear.

I am also working towards my 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo. I plan to compete in the NPAA April 30, 2017 show in Richmond, B.C., in grandmasters bikini and fitness model divisions.

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