Charlene Young - Physique Competitor

When I was in the 5th grade around the age of 11 I came across my first muscle magazine call Muscle Mag and Muscle&Fitness. I saw female bodybuilders in them and I wanted to look like that and win the Ms. Olympia title, It has taken me 16 years to get my body ready to compete in last year's Npc Muscle Heat Competition and the Npc Mid Atlantic Classic Competition in the Women's Physique Division.

To help me get ready for on stage competing shape. I had to hire a personal trainer that is a Pro in the Men's Physique Division called David Roberts. He changed up my diet to include more carbs like brown rice, spinach, mix veggies, sweet potatoes, and asparagus. Protein sources egg whites, whole egg, chicken, fish like tilapia or salmon, and protein shakes. During my off season I load up on carbs to help fuel my workouts because I'm lifting heavier. During the week of the competition I cut out my carbs until about three days before the competition to help lean me out by also picking up my cardio to 30 minute sessions.
Last year was my first time competing so the diet plan my personal trainer had me on was the very first time I was putting my physique through that type of dieting.

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The components of my training program for my off-season is monday's-quads, delts "heavy", tuesday-chest/biceps, wednesday-back/triceps, thursday-delts/hamstrings, friday's-session with my personal trainer, saturday's-any muscle group I want to put more work on and sunday-rest. Cardio is just 20 minutes slow after lifting. During my off-season I'm eating more calories because I'm bulking up to lean out for when I'm going to be on-season. During my on-season I'm still lifting heavy to moderate weight but I increase the cardio to about 25 to 30 minutes. My rep scheme and sets are constantly changing because I have to keep my body guessing. The goal is to Grow!!!

I've always had self-confidence in my physique and I never been afraid of showing my physique off to other's. I'm a dance/theatre major so that means I like performing in front of people. It comes naturally to me. I love being the center of attention.

The week of a competition is always very exciting but also emotionally draining because you have put your body through it to lean out for the stage floor. Even though your body looks awesome you feel like crap because of the low carbs in your system and the water manipulation you have done to your body the day before the competition. I typically check in the day of the competition because the night before I have gotten my tan done. Depending on the show there are plenty of people in the backstage area. So I learned quick that in my travel bag I need rice cakes, resistance band, water, phone, and anything that I might need the day of the competition in my bag. However two things that I will make sure that I have in my bag are a pillow and a towel so that I'm not seating on a floor. During prejudging you show off your mandatory poses and this part of competition is where you find out if you place. The final is where you get to perform your posing routine. I look forward to all of it because I love showing my physique.

My future plans are to become a Women's Physique Pro Competitor. So this year I'm pursuing that goal by competing in this year's Teen Collegiate Masters Championships in Pittsburgh, Pa July 19-22. January 24th I start taking courses to become a certified personal trainer through NASM. I'm constantly moving forward this is only the beginning.


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