Chareece Moore - Physique Competitor

Chareece: Someone I use to work with did figure and asked me do a show with her. Even though she did not compete in the show, I still did it and I am still competing.

I do not diet at all during my offseason and hardly train. I eat whatever I want all day in the offseason.

My body responds well to a diet that has carbs and refeeds/cheat meals. I start off with my diet being about 50% coming form carbs. I eat 5 small meals a day. My calories do not go over 2000 unless it's refeed/cheat meal. I consume eggs, chicken and fish for protein. I have not really failed on a diet but I'm not a big fan of low carb/high fat diets for my body. My digestive system has always been a problem since I was a child and so high fat diets do not support this. High fat diets slow down digestion and this isn't good for me. Also, I do not like the overall look a low carb diet gives. I like my muscle full and not stringy.

I do my share of cardio. I do both HIIT and steady state about 5-6 times a week. I lift 6 days a week and train legs twice.

I went through a divorce during my prep but stayed focused. I'm in the Army so meal prep can be hard depending of training. Even when I jump out of the plan I still have my meals packed and pass off my lunch box to someone so they can give it back to me once I land. I always find a way to stay on track.

I have always been a people person and stepping onstage is a lot of fun. So it's a different venture.

My last show was nationals in Miami. It started out horrific when I missed my flight and could not get out on any flights and it was the night before the show. Instead of giving up, my boyfriend drove me to Miami from North Carolina and I showed up just in time. I had a good time at the show and still placed 4th.

I plan to do women's bodybuilding at least once and I'm currently getting ready for Team Universe.


Chareece Moore