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How did I start competing. Initially it started wanting to look like the cover models of fitness magazines. I wanted to look fit and healthy. With time more information were gathered and that is where I realized that there is a platform where you can measure your health and fitness, and that is where it spilled over in competing. Being on stage give you scope to bench against the best.


Well off season I don't limit my fruit and I have two cheat meals per week. I still try to keep my meals clean in a sense that I don't go overboard with creamy sauces and pastas. I buy mainly my ingredients from a healthy brand we get in Namibia, namely Nature's Choice, .....pre-contest I'm very strict with my diet, then I follow a typical Bodybuilding diet which includes sweet potatoes, egg whites, fish and a lot of broccoli & baby spinach.

I tried intermittent fasting, and that failed miserably, I was too hungry when waking up. I was hangry ,I wanted to eat and it stressed me I let that idea and go back to me eating a healthy breakfast. My body demanded it.

My 1st show was a real eye opener, I didn't have any posing guidance and I thought you just go on stage and walk. I was so stressed when I saw that the girls had some sort of routine that they followed. I came dead last in that competition, but I made a promise to myself to go back and improve on my posing by viewing YouTube videos. I must say unless you do a lot of shows it will always feel unnatural. We didn't have shows in Namibia so you will save for a year to compete in South Africa, that will leave a big time difference in between shows, having the effect of no posing practice. At the end of the day, practice provides confidence. Now I will practice till it feels natural.


It took me a year to prepare for my 1st show and I prepped myself, I did a lot of cardio, as in my mind that builds a proper body.....again follow the stigma that let me down. I saw the girls look way different from me, and again that forced me to go back to the drawing board. I made contact with an online coach and prepped for the WBFF show the next year. I saw that I had to follow a high protein diet with supplements and structured weight training sessions, which were broken down into certain body parts trained daily. The results came quickly and I fell in love how my body changed, since then I've been hooked on weight training.

It really is the holy grail to keeping fit and fabulous. And the fact that I get mistaken for my boy's sister, reinforces that idea. I train legs twice per week and seeing that I go heavy it leaves me scope to eat more carbs just before or after my training session, and besides it builds a good posterior. I will always listen to my body because I know it's a relationship that needs a trust. If I feel that my energy levels are low, I will even have a carbloaded meal the previous night. When training small body parts like tri's and bi's I keep carbs to a minimum and increase my protein and fats for that day. My main focus will always to get my nutrients from food and not rely too much on supplements. It's constantly trial and error in finding a range that works in a synergistic way with your body.

Chantal Williams

Last year I decided that 2017 will be the year that I will and want to compete at the Arnold's in South Africa. But I knew that I will first have to do a qualifier show to get that invite. Seeing that we don't have a lot of fitness athletes in Namibia it made it a lonely journey, you really had to bench against yourself daily and ask the question. Did I gave 100% did I do enough to get that invite. I made my arrangements early and paid my air ticket to seal the deal in my mind, I had a good support structure from family, friends and my business partner. They were so excited and that kept my pushing each day, I wouldn't let them or me down!!! I knew it was now or never. We made bookings and my tanning sponsor said she will travel with us. I was so blessed and it calmed my nerves, I just focus on what I had to do, and gave my all.

We left on the 9th of March with the main focus that it will leave me well rested and focused on the competition. Champions Arise is a qualifier show and I knew if I qualify for the Arnold's it will give me enough time to prep. Before leaving Namibia I had a feeling to take an extra bikini, luckily so because at the weigh in, my initial bikini didn't have the clear plastic support as per the IFBB rules for the bottoms. I nearly burst into tears as I realized how close it came to me not being allowed on stage, then 4 months of prep and the costs involved would all have been in vain. So heads up, always but always make triple sure about the rules of the Affiliated body.....but each supposedly setback makes on realize that you can overcome and come back stronger. Luckily for me my second Bikini had some support and the stage manager gave me the green light to get on stage. I made a pact to myself to calm down, increase my focus and go out and own the stage, I want that Invite.....and I hear my coach said How bad do you want it? The same question I ask my clients.

Pre-judging was nerve wracking don't know why judges need to be serious. A smile or two would certainly increase your confidence tenfold, but I guess it's just as stressful for them to get the right person judged who truly represent what they are looking for. So hats off to the judges, I really appreciate their level of expertise. Knowing that I had my business partner and Tanontherun Namibia in the audience gave me a boost of confidence, and when I got off stage a felt good, as I made first call outs. I could feel it in the air that I will place, but as the main judge said in the athletes meeting the morning, being placed did not mean an automatic invite to the Arnold's... so I knew I had another chance to impress the judges and audience at the evening show. When I got second place I was beyond myself, I was so excited...I came I saw I conquer, it made it worthwhile and gave me a sense of You made it Girl....well done. We can sometimes be our own worst critics, and it's time we value more of who we are and what we can achieve if we work hard at it. And the cherry I tip was after I got from stage the judge told me I'm selected to take part at the Arnold's, that words were like rain on a dried earth, it means that I were successful and I achieved what I set out to get from taking part in that competition. Arnold's South Africa I will be ready in 7 weeks!

Future Plans

Running a successful Fitness business with my business partner. We launched our company BodySquad in Jan 2017 and had our first Transformation challenge on the 1st of Feb, the results of the clients are mind blowing and we can't wait to share it on our FB page BodySquad. My personal training and getting girls ready for the competition later in the year will be my main focus. The exposure I got from our broadcasting company in Namibia made my efforts not seem in vain. Society has this pre'conceived idea that women with muscles can't look and act feminine. Which is absolutely not true..When I'm not in gymwear and wear day clothes you won't even know that I'm a muscles mum underneath it all. We live a very strict lifestyle and trying to live parallel lives with society who doesn't support it all the way. You walk around with prep bags full of cold food, eating any where and everywhere. But the heightened sense I get from achieving my dream body makes it all worth it. My eyes are set on an International show and Dubai seems like the ideal choice for 2018... I will also finish my online Personal training diploma and will be a personal trainer at IronHouse a proper BodyBuilding gym opening in Windhoek end of Apr 2017.

I can be reached on our BodySquad page on FB, or mail me at

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Chantal Williams