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Catherine: I was training at a gym called Club Olympia in Westlake, Ohio in the early 90ís. This gym was known for its huge percentage of competitive bodybuilders, power lifters and pro athletes. My first trainer was the owner of that gym Michael Furci who was also a competitive bodybuilder at the time. He along with a female competitor mentioned to me that I should really consider doing a show. I of course thought they were joking, but later thought about it and decided to take on the challenge. I played sports growing up and thought how different could this sport be? When I think about that, I have to smile, because I had no idea the challenge I would actually be facing.

Dieting and preparing for a show was absolutely nothing I had ever experienced before throughout my life. Well, after winning the overall title for womenís bodybuilding at the Dean Caputo Powerhouse Classic, a national qualifier, I was hooked. That same year I did the NPC Pittsburgh, and Jr. USA, my first national show (my original goal). Soon after I decided to step out of womenís bodybuilding, because I wasnít comfortable with the look I would have to achieve to go further. Although I have an appreciation for womenís bodybuilding, and a respect for the athletes, it just wasnít for me.

Fifteen years after leaving competition, the NPC and IFBB created the womenís physique division, which for me is a perfect balance of a female with muscle. This division allows women to train hard and attain muscle without having to compromise femininity.

My off season diet is generally kept clean, but I do allow myself to have splurges from time to time. What helps me to keep things under control is that I realize as a competitor, excessive weight gain only makes it that much harder make improvements and peak for the next show.

I take my weight training seriously, so to me it only makes sense to keep my diet in check year round. How can you continuously improve by eating garbage?

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When preparing for a show, I simply manipulate my carb consumption. I generally get my protein through steak, hamburger, sashimi or regular protein powder. The protein powder I use comes from the Protein Factory. I also eat real butter and coconut oil for my healthy fats.

I didnít have a diet plan that failed me for any of my shows. People would be amazed how simple dieting really is when done correctly. I am not into making things more difficult than they have to be. Itís what youíre eating as opposed to how much youíre eating. Knowing what foods to eat, and sticking with the basic complex carbohydrates, protein, and good sources of fat, has always helped me to successfully achieve my goals. I currently do not take any weight lose supplements.

Training - I generally split my body parts into 4 separate workouts, i.e., chest/ triceps, back/ shoulders, calves/ biceps, and quads/ hamstrings. Every body part gets trained every eight to ten days depending on my recovery from workout to workout. My weight training sessions are very intense, so I take days off when I need.

I do not do cardio. Yes, you read that right. I actually LOVE doing cardio, but noticed it wasnít conducive to attaining the look I needed for my shows. For me cardio only made it more difficult to recover from intense weight training sessions, which hindered gaining muscle. The work to benefit ratio for performing cardio is so dismal, it just canít be justified.

I also know for me, that my body adapts quickly to any type of cardio (unless interval type). All in all I would rather utilize everything I have in the weight room.

My training actually becomes easier and more productive when I eat cleaner. It seems like I have more energy and can push a lot harder training for shows and in the off season.

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