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I had gone to the gym off and on throughout college and shortly after college. It wasnít until I had gained some weight from having a busy career that I decided to hire a personal trainer and get serious about my health. About a year into lifting I decided to take a leap of faith and train for my first bikini show. I won both my height class and the overall award. A few months after that I switched coaches and chose to compete at the national level. At my very first national show (second show ever) I won my pro card! What started as a simple goal to get on stage turned into a huge accomplishment I couldíve never imagined.

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#motivationmonday my boyfriend showed me he had this video this past weekend and it absolutely gave me the chills. The feeling of being on that stage was unreal and I'm so thankful I was able to share this moment with some of the people closest to me ?? Lol @frankiej2k and @jenwick15 reactions at the end ??

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Cassie, announced as a new IFBB Pro

My diet mainly changes in that I have larger servings of the same foods. I do enjoy the food I eat daily and what Iím off of my meal plan for too long, I start to crave my normal foods. I also incorporate 1-2 cheat/free meals a week during off season and enjoy a glass of wine from time to time. For me going low to almost zero carb during prep is what really helps me drop weight and body fat. My body can be very stubborn.
I donít think I have experienced diet plans during prep that didnít work, as long as the calories were low enough. However, I did try keto during my off-season and did NOT like it. I donít find it a sustainable diet practice at all.

I have always been a very shy person. For me it took a lot of posing practice to feel comfortable enough to get on a stage. I was extremely nervous leading up to it but I told myself that it was kind of like acting and I had to bring out an alter-ego almost. Once I get on stage, a different side of me comes out.

Diet has always been the hardest for me but is also the most important. I lift 5-6 days a week and itís something I always look forward to. I have rheumatoid arthritis so HITT cardio is often too hard on my joints; therefore, all my cardio is steady state. I do the stair stepper and incline treadmill. The amount of time just varies whether I am in off season or prep.

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There's a short list of things I truly give a f*ck about in love for this sport is one of them. What's lighting your fire on an early Monday morning?

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Although I absolutely loved the atmosphere of competing at a pro and national level, I would still say my first local show was my favorite. @shreddedcheddarproductions does such an amazing job of running their shows and making first time competitors feel comfortable and welcome. For bikini competitors, athlete check-ins always go very quickly as they just check your height. Backstage for pre-judging the majority of the girls are super friendly and the veteran competitors are so helpful with answering questions about what pre-judging will be like. For me, pre-judging is where I had all of my jitters and nerves. Once pre-judging is done, everyone is much more relaxed and you can rest a little until the night show. Finals is extremely exciting. Wisconsin shows make sure that the crowd feels involved and has great awards as well as treats for the competitors backstage. It was such a great experience and I still stay in contact with girls I met from my very first show.

Being an athlete does not affect my life a lot. I would choose to lift and workout even if competing was never a part of my life. I also work full time as an accountant so that is still what most of my time goes to. I just focus on living a healthier lifestyle and making smart choices regarding my body.

Future plans: Right now my biggest goal is to get my body balanced again. Competing and being at very low body fats can definitely take a toll on you. I was to get my metabolism and digestion at an optimal point before I decide to do another show. I am also still involved with the body building community as I am a posing coach for girls competing in the bikini category and am working towards becoming an official NPC judge.


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