Cassandra Dewhurst - IFBB Bikini Pro

* A new IFBB Bikini Pro, the 2018 NPC Jr.National Championships

I decided to start competing when I felt like I needed some sort of challenge in my life outside of my career goals.

Off season my diet will change in the sense that I will incorporate more cheat meals instead of "cleaner" refeeds and I will incorporate more carbs into my daily meals to be able to put on muscle. Calories are different every cut and all depend on the way your body is responding. For me personally, carb cycling works best; with a more keto based diet the closer I get to show day. I have actually only done two shows to get to my pro card and have not had any awful diet experiences. My coach was able to dial in on what works best for my body.

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During prep I lift 6 days a week and incorporate cardio 7 times a week. What many people don't know is that I actually have rheumatoid arthritis so there are days where I really need to gage my pain levels and adjust my lifts accordingly. Because of having RA, I don't do much for HITT cardio as it puts a lot of pressure on my joints. So I stick mainly to steady state but still keeping my heart rate up. For me the workout aspect of competition prep is the fun part and it's the diet that is difficult for me.

Anybody who knows me, knows that I'm actually a very shy/quiet and reserved person. For me, being on stage is kind of like acting and I get to bring out a different part of myself. Practicing posing often always helps to build up that confidence, especially if you have the opportunity to practice in front of people.

My most recent show was NPC Junior Nationals. The entire show from athlete check-in to finals was run so well which alleviated a lot of stress for me. It was my first national show so I really did not know what to expect but the expediters did a phenomenal job and girls backstage are always kind and helpful.

It can definitely be a struggle sometimes being a competitor while still having a normal 9-5 job. I'm a very motivated person and have always been a planner so I think that helps with organizing what I need to accomplish in a day/week. There will always be some family events or get-togethers with friends that you may have to miss out on but it's important to also make that a priority and not let prep take away from the social aspect of your life as it gives you a sense of normalcy. I am lucky enough to have friends and family that are very supportive and understanding.

Now that I have won my pro card, future plans are to talk with my coach and plan out my Pro Debut!


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