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I had lost 30 pounds in a really unhealthy way, and I decided that I wanted to do something different. I was checking out workouts online and came across the NPC. I asked a family friend who is part of the industry about it, and he gave me a little bit more information about what to expect ó both in-season and off-season. I did my first competition in October 2017, three years after talking to him. I wanted to make sure that I was mentally, physically, and financially prepared to compete

#transformationtuesday The last three weeks of prep. Iím proud of the package that was created thanks to the @awardwinningfitness team. Next goal is to get those legs under control ?? Huge thanks to everyone else who was a part of this prep - @fitbuffy23 for helping tame the Tasmanian devil posing; @rachel_gordon14 For putting up with my whinny ass in the morning; @bodaciousbikinis for the amazing suit; @glamteambyjolinda for the all day slay and @bbcustomsuits for the amazing fruit cereal ?? posing suit.

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During the off-season my coach, Mitch Ward with Award Winning Fitness, allows me to have three cheat meals a week. As I get closer to the competition date, my diet is adjusted accordingly for maintaining muscle while leaning out. The most effective diet for me is high protein and low carb. I have a sweet tooth, so my coach allows me to keep a limited amount of sweets including stevia, honey and cookies in my diet year-round. I also get to enjoy select energy drinks leading up to the day of the competition.

Through trial and error, we have found that my body responds best to a low carb diet. Other diets worked well with losing weight, but I wasnít able to maintain muscle definition.

Iím still working on building my confidence. A posing coach I worked with called me a ĎTasmanian devilí because of how quickly I ran through my routine. Practicing your routine is key to building confidence. If the competition suit is a concern, work with the maker on adjusting cut of the suit to make you feel more comfortable.

My training consists of lifting and moderate cardio pre-competition. A training, diet and work/life balance is required when competing. Fasted cardio in the morning and lifting in the evening can make for a long day, so meal prep is a must for me.

The day of a competition can be long, especially since I am in one of the last classes to go as a tall competitor. It is fun meeting new competitors and learning new tricks for making it through prep.

This lifestyle can be difficult. You can sometimes feel like a broken record explaining why you are so aware of everything you eat and drink, especially when it comes to certain cuts of meats and fruits. A lot of the focus usually goes into how we train and eat, but there are other factors that can affect the package you bring to the stage especially stress.

Iím currently working with my coach to bring a better package to the stage later this year or in early 2019.

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