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I got into bodybuilding after recovering from an eating disorder. I lost all of my strength, both mentally and physically, and lifting helped me to find my inner strength as well as my physical strength.

I really love vegetables, so I like to eat a bunch of them both while I'm bulking and cutting. When I'm in my off season, my macros get pretty high so I try and keep my fiber intake low so I do not get overly full. While I'm in a cutting phase, I like to eat 5 meals because they are bigger and more substantial, while I eat 6 in my off season because it is easier for me to eat smaller meals so I do not get full and can continue eating throughout the day to ensure I'm hitting my macros. For me to lose weight, I find carb cycling very effective and mentally freeing, especially on reseed days. In my off season, I reverse diet out of my cut and walk my calories up to promote maximal muscle growth over fat gain.
I tried "clean eating" but I found this very limiting and stressful, because there is no definition of what a "clean food" truly is. I often get cravings as well so this method of eating caused mental stress and led to binging.

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I find my self confidence in the fact that I have overcome TONS and worked my ASS off to build the body that I have. I do not care about placing or how I do, as long as I bring the best me that I can possibly create.

I train 5-6 days per week, and keep a small amount of cardio in year round, as it is important for overall health. When cutting, I mainly do LISS as it is less taxing on the body and requires less recovery, although I utilize HIIT when I hit weight loss plateaus. I will incorporate some HIIT in my off season in small amounts as I am able to handle it and fully recover.

I find listening to my body an obstacle in training. I am the type of person that always like to push harder and keep going. I have found that sometimes we need to take a step back to take a leap forward. So my tip is to listen to your body and rest if you need it!!!

Being an athlete affects my life because I do not involve myself in many things that the typical college age student would. I do not party, I do not drink, I like to be in bed by 10 PM. I like my sleep, and a fun time to me is hanging out by the pool or watching movies with friends. Some may say that it is boring, but spending time with loved ones and engaging in activities that help me progress towards my goals and help me to become the best me possible is my idea of a good time. It also affects who I surround myself with. I have a friend group of competitors and powerlifters that are dedicated to a healthy and fit lifestyle so that makes continuing my lifestyle easier and more sustainable.

My future plans are to compete next year! I hope to build my online clientele into a community of strong and empowered girls that are driven to become their best selves as well. I hope to spread self love and educate as many people as I can about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle as one that is enjoyable and sustainable and help them to reach their goals! I hope to impact as many lives as I can in a positive way!

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People with inquiries can contact me at! I also have a coaching application and an email list!

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