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I have been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years, but not long ago I decided to compete as Bikini Athlete in October 2015, on my first Competition and since then I've done 5 more competitions in the same category, and now preparing to go to Nationals.

I have learned through out this journey, that the best diet is listening to your own body, I have been through a lot of stages during my competitions on and off season, and when you get to know yourself during the process is more effective than being a slave of counting calories, for my personal experience is what have worked better for me, as I know already what to eat, when, and how is going to affect my body to use it in my advantage, depending also on the goal I am aiming at the time.

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Since I can remember I have always been a really clean eater, my father is a Nutritionist so the way I have been raised was by having a healthy lifestyle, and everything I know I have learned from him, so for me I havenít done a huge change in my diet, but I do have tried a lot of plans and there is a lot of things that I have improved since then, cause I know myself more than when I started and I have changed a lot during this process, and keep learning everyday, but for me when I stopped counting calories is when I actually got my best improve, but that happened when I started to listen to my body without counting calories, and realized the difference between anxiety and hunger, which are two different things of course and can be mixed up easy, that only can be realized with the power on the mind, and how much you know yourself.

I do weights everyday and cardio as well, I do not have an off day of training, since I really donít believe in that I workout everyday, the diet is what help me to do all the changes I want in order to grow muscle and get lean to get in to the goal I want, and is the most important thing, next to doing a proper cardio everyday.

I am confident about myself cause I'm proud of whom I have become to the date, with hard work, persistent, and consistency, and whenever I decide to enter a competition I do the best I can always, discipline is have been my best friend since I have knowledge in every aspect of my life, Is actually how I succeed, that is the secret, no special diet or special workout can beat the discipline of putting the work everyday, and always aiming and learning for more each day.

I have a lot of strange feelings the day of any competition, cause I always think I can do more, and that is what keeps me motivated for my next show, but every drop of sweat is worth for that 5 minutes on stage, is actually a feeling I can't describe, cause I bring the best package I can to stage, and the prep is always different, but hearing your name on finals is more rewarding than anything else, so all the long day of prejudge is nothing next to it.

My plans go beyond and way higher than thoughts dreams and goals I have settle to myself, right now I am working as a Personal Trainer, Fitness and Nutrition Coach and Motivational Coach/ I have many plans in mind with a single purpose in specific, my goal is to influence and create a state of consciousness to all people, and to teach them to fight for all of their dreams and goals with hard work and dedication, everything can be achieved, goes far beyond aesthetics, my goal is build a new world of better people prepared, hardworking and full of good energy and positive vibes to build a better world, having the power to create that state of consciousness in many people in general, fills me as a woman and makes me strong every day.

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