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Carmen: I was in a very bad car accident at a very young age and part of my rehabilitation program was fitness. aside from being an athlete before the accident I always had a love for the art of the body. I admired my Baba who is one of the very first diva wrestlers from the 1950s. I started training very consistently in the gym at age 13 and started to compete when I was 23 years old. I competed consistently at a national level for over 10 years and finally achieved my professional status as an IFBB PRO in 2014.

Diet and Training
My diet in the off-season is not as strict as people may think I am not one to diet all year round however comparing my diet to an average persons diet, I'm probably fairly strict. I try to eat 5 to 6 times a day with at least three carb meals, every meal with healthy fats, more than average protein and lots of vegetables. If I feel like going out for dinner- I don't hesitate. I also incorporate two or three BioX protein shakes or bars throughout my day. I usually do my protein supplements right after training, and before bed. When the cut off day starts for dieting and contest prep. I'm sure to have meal timing at least six times a day as I find it critical for me to eat at the same time every day to lose weight. Throughout the entire year I follow my DNA diet I started dieting for my personal genetic makeup over five years ago. I got my results from Karmalife and DNApower. All I had to do was order the test online and the test came in the mail. I took a cheek swab of the inside of my cheek and sent it back in the pre addressed envelop to their lab. Within a few weeks I knew what my genetic makeup was. I know exactly how to diet myself whether I was on season or off season. Whether I'm dieting for show or trying to have a good off-season I always try to diet towards my own genetic makeup. I plan on being in this industry for a long time and I've already spent the last 20 years in it. I felt like it was very important for me to know what is best suited for my body type and mostly my health. I'm very thankful for DNA testing as it helped eliminate a lot of guesswork. After knowing how beneficial dna testing is, I couldn't imagine why anyone would waste any time hiring a trainer or coach without knowing their dna first. Competing is very specific and has to be on point. So why waste anytime trying a bunch of plans... Dna testing lead me down a great path not only to compete but to know what is better suited for me with my long term health in mind. Competing is one thing but trying to be healthy and compete at the same time is a whole different story...

I've always been able to stand and place in the top five in my country for the last 10 years however during that time, those diets made me feel pretty crappy. my expectations were always to find a diet that I didn't feel like I was going to die while preparing weeks for show. I also felt that all the past diets, I would sacrifice too much muscle while preparing for the shows. I like knowing my genetic makeup because I know how to maintain muscle and get lean at the same time. I would always just cut out everything because I didn't know exactly what would work and I didn't want to chance and entire year of show prep on I I would completely cut out everything. I knew I'd get lean enough to win the shows however now I know exactly what my body requires to maintain and reach higher healthier goals. Not only can I aggressively compete - I feel great while doing it. That's a pretty high expectation for competitors and I'm thankful and proud to say I've reached it with dna testing. Using my very own dna to tell me what I should be doing! Amazing!

I also train towards my DNA genetic makeup because I know my DNA. I know where I can push myself and where it's best not to. I know what my endurance levels are, I know what my Ligament and tenants mutations are, I know what my heart function, lung function and metabolism Genes are therefore I'm able to really balance what is best suited for my body so that I don't overtrain but yet, train hard enough. By knowing all of these key things about my very own body, I also lessen my injuries to keep me in the game ! It was knowing my DNA that has given me that balance. back in the past I used to overtrain and saw minimal results. no trainer in the world could've told me to slow down or to eat fats... It was seeing my own DNA In black and white paper that made me learn to balance because I knew what the consequences down the road could be. I don't compare the balance between dieting and training because they're both critical knowing balance within each of those categories is what is going to give you results. Its not a competition of diet against training. You have to know what balance is for each of those. The true way to know is to get your dna tested.

Stage Experience
I had self-confidence because I knew that I would do what it takes to be stage ready. Doing everything to get to that show.... if I got to the show and didn't place first but knew deep down that I did everything possible to win that show, then I was satisfied. gaining confidence is sticking to your plan, staying dedicated and consistent - that's what gives you confidence. Daily accomplishments while doing your show prep will give you the confidence that you need. Also have a good coach to help you when your having tuff days. I have been coached by Brian and Donna Logue for 12 years. They have pushed me when I felt I wasn't good enough.

Going from bodybuilding to physique was difficult because I worked very hard at getting all that muscle over the years in Canada. they were looking for a smaller athlete so I downsized for three years and that was very very hard because again I trained very hard to gain all that muscle. at my last show where I turned pro, I didn't even want to compete because I had that idea in my mind that I wasn't big enough, hard enough, strong enough, or lean enough. as I was backstage laying there saying - I think this is the worst I've ever looked..... but thanks to my boyfriend and coaches for pushing me to continue... I won the show but I feel like it wasn't a real win.. This is where I really realized that the sport a bodybuilding is a whole mental game.. I also realized how important it is to have a good coach and mentors preparing me for show no matter how much I know... because if it was me all alone I probably wouldn't have done the show where I won my pro card.... I felt small soft and flat... I surely didn't feel like a bodybuilder that I know I can be.. That was the hardest show for me to do because I had to come in on stage the way the judges wanted to see me... I'm happy to see physique the way it is today as I think I'll fit right into that category well.. The physique category is well established as to what they're looking for now where is a few years ago it wasn't.. Was that frustrating ? yes very! I think my heart was is and always will be bodybuilding but I'm trying to change my mentality to be more marketable.

I took a year off to put size back on because now in the pros the girls are coming in muscular and hard. I needed a year off to focus on business and this is the first year offstage that I've taken off in the last 15 years so I think it was important for me mentally, physically and emotionally. I am currently training very hard during my off-season. All based on my own personal DNA. Im seeing such unbelievable results and I'm very excited to come back to show everyone what gains I made..I'm very excited to start my show prep in February 2016. I'm planning on doing my very first professional show in my hometown Vancouver 2016.

Carmen Tocheniuk
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