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Carmen: When I initially started to train and see results, I ended up idolising a WBFF pro competitor. I wanted to do the same. I first stepped on stage when I was nineteen and utterly fell in love with the stage and everything the sport represents. And I never looked back.

My diet changes quite from Off-season to contest-prep, being less calories and less carbs. Higher fats and protein intake. The diet I've found most effective to lose weight and build/maintain muscle is a low-carb diet (or keto-diet) but to keep your Basal Metabolic Rate in check and make sure you get enough calories during the day. Also the carb-timing is important so that your muscles can repair and build.

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Failed diet: Decarbing for too long and not carb-loading enough! I got so flat and skinny, and lost a lot of muscle mass. It was terrible. But learned from my mistakes and that's the great thing about this website, so the readers don't have to make the same mistakes. Unfortunately in this sport you'll have to experiment and learn what works for your body. The reasons it wasn't effective is that my body had too little carbohydrates to fuel on for too long and I came in flat because carbs full your muscles up after a good amount of carb-loading. It's all about timing and mine wasn't on point.

I do weight training as I mentioned prior. I also do a lot of HIIT for cardio which I feel is better to burn more calories than constant cardio. I also adore spinning classes.

Self confidence: Working out and seeing your body change in ways you never thought, changes a person's perspective and you're proud of the hard work you've done and what you've accomplish. Weight training and a healthier lifestyle is the best thing for a woman to build Self-confidence. It has also been a big dream of mine to do competitions. I just followed my dreams and set my fears and doubts aside.

I had the privilege to do WBFF SA two years in a row and I love the federation, and the people. During the check-in you get to see so many familiar faces and it's like a family reunion. Prejudging was in the morning and surprisingly fast. I got first callouts and then we went home. Main show (finals) was in the evening, and was amazing. They really go all out to make the day very entertaining for the people and very stress free for the athletes. They treat you like a real diva.

My future plans are to pursue my fitness modelling career. I am also currently working toward receiving my pro-card, expanding my brand and doing online-coaching. Traveling also comes in to play a lot when thinking of the future, so I still have a lot of goals to reach.

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