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Carly: I competed at the 2016 IFBB Toronto Pro and came 8th, which I am very happy about and now looking at planning my next.

Diet: I still eat a fairly structured diet but the food increase and if I want something different then I will. I am a wine lover so I enjoy this off season and more flexible food choices. I enjoy quite plain bland food if I'm honest so most of my meals I just add sea salt but if I want muesli instead of oat I will, I add in apples off season as I love those to and when we go to the cinema I get the largest pic and mix ever haha!! I find not over complicating things is the main thing that people can do. The main carb sources I eat are white rice, oats, rice cakes, protein are steak, salmon, chicken and turkey, fats from nut butter, avocado, udo choice oil, coconut oil.
Failed diet: Keto doesn’t work at all if you want to be shredded in my opinion but then everyone is different and what works for me , may not work for someone else. The main thing is consistency and sticking to the plan which works.

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I work up from 4 weight lifting day to 6 progressing in competition prep, cardio varies, HIIT is incorporated and some steady state also. The amount changes depending on weekly progress etc but this year I did around x 3 HIIT a week and 5 times a week 45 minutes steady

I love being on stage, I went to drama school when I was young but was told I would never be a main character because I couldn't sing, so I left. This is my way of being on stage and showing off everything I have achieved, I love it and I think you can tell, the amount I smile when on stage.

My first pro show was very nerve wracking because it was a totally different experience. Usually you know everyone when you compete but sitting in registration and not knowing a single sole was such a weird feeling I cannot describe it haha! On show day the ladies who tanned us and did my make where awesome they made you feel at ease and the show was very smoothly run. All the women’s physique ladies where so friendly and we all had a laugh backstage which was so awesome and I would say one of the best parts of this industry is meeting new people you gel with and can have fun even though you're up there against each other there’s a mutual respect for all the hard work you have all put into getting here on the day.

I am planning on having a good 8 months off season to make improvements I need to make and jump back on stage next year. I only had 2 months to train as WP competitor due to making the jump from Figure so I am really excited to see what I can bring next year, it's going to be fun!!

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