Carlie Cadrecha - Bikini Competitor

I found competing about 3 years ago. Ever since I was a child I have been in competitive sports. Track, cross country, softball, swimming, and gymnastics. I was looking for something to push me somehow. I needed a goal. I needed competition. Competing scared me too. It wasnít the diet or the workouts. It was the stage. I promised myself to get up there once to overcome my biggest fear of being the center of attention. I was hooked!

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My off season diet is far different from my prep. I LOVE food! And I tend to let myself indulge in my off season. I keep a close eye though , and if I see myself creeping too far away from stage weight I reel it back in. My coach writes all my meal plans on and off season. While in prep there are ZERO cheats. Iím more flexible off season sticking to my plan about 85%. I weigh and measure all my meals and keep to a 6 meal a day plan.
I once worked with a coach who very loosely would guide me in my diet. I was left to my own devices and was afraid of carbs. This diet absolutely did not work. I came in looking just too skinny without any fullness. Once I started with my new coach I followed the plan 100% trusting in them. And it absolutely paid off!

The very first time I was scared sh*$less! It took all I had just to go out there. But I was proud of all my hard work and I knew how strong I was just from completing a goal I set for myself.

Training all depends on what my upcoming goals are. I do a mix of weight training, hiit, cardio 6 days a week. I work on stretching and mobility daily.

My last contest I was the most calm, prepared, and confident. I was beyond thrilled with the package we delivered. I compete on team edge and sharing all the experiences of a show with a group of girls who support each other makes it so much more enjoyable. From checkins to tans to waiting backstage and cheering each other on you always feel comfortable and relaxed. The nerves only come right when youíre lining up! I went out in my first class and felt confident but was so shocked getting first call out in both novice and open!!! I went on to take over all in novice. Such a surreal feeling! I canít wait to get back out there again.

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Being an athlete affects my entire life!! I time my meals so I must take breaks from my clients to eat my meals. My social life revolves around a gym and when I do go out Iím usually modifying my food and passing up the alcohol. I am human though and do celebrate at times. Luckily my fiance is also an athlete and shares the same lifestyle as me. We meal prep and train together almost every day. Iím behind lucky that we share the same passion.

I plan to keep competing until it is time to start a family. I am nationally qualified so I hope to get to a national show but it may not be possible while planning a wedding. Either way I will do a show this year and I plan to NQ again! I want that overall!!


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