Cara Thornhill - Bikini Competitor

At the end of 2012, my at the time school friend was onto her second competition & one evening she was training & she asked me to be her gym partner. I always had legs from running so I think the body structure was there. Had to be there especially being asked to workout with an athlete, a winner at that. Following evening, we went to gym & it automatically became a thing. Then the competition talk came up & I was for it. By this time it was 2013 & I had to prepare myself for a show which gave me approximately two (2) months to be show ready.
It was an accomplishment for me because I came 2nd in my first show & I went in that show at 135, which is considered fat, for lack of a word.

On the diet, I am being quite honest, that is not my strong area. I do know that the diet I try to follow is hard to transition into from off season to pre contest. An off season for me is junk food. Such as, pizza, a lot of soft drinks, alcohol etc etc. A pre contest diet would be, tuna, water, almonds, egg whites, protein shakes, fruits, vegetables & chicken breast. Things along those lines.

I did follow a diet once & for me protein shakes & chicken breast with brown rice, vegetables & rice was effective. I haven't really followed a diet plan so I'm not sure what works for me because I did try a little something something & my body didn't take it well. My body not taking it well means in trying the diet approach I became sick. My body didn't know how to just eat certain foods for a period of time. Yes, I ate healthy to a certain extent, but I still use to run to the chocolates & pizza.

My components of training are lifting & cardio. I prefer lifting especially if it is a case I am doing heavy weight, with sets of 15, 10, 8 & 6.
Dieting & training don't go together for me. You are hungry 24/8. Become grumpy because if the lack of food & sleep. It's hard at times

Self confidence: This is 2017 & I'm still not sure. I am a shy person, I like & prefer to be behind or in a corner. It doesn't come across that way because I'm the type of person that likes to get things done so going out on stage isn't a must so I try to put my personal requirements behind.
It is nerve racking for me, in front of numerous people & judges. So I do is, feel it out at first. Most of the time, my first walk is what I call the "baby walk" then as I go, I feel a tad bit comfortable. People out there yelling your name or your number you start to feel the love & support.

The experience & feeling are both bittersweet. I prep the night before, which is, tanning mostly. The day of the show, is more tanning. From tanning straight to hair & makeup & I'm off to the show. The drive to the show calms me. I laugh, I try to do business work. Anything to distraction my mind from what I'm about to do.
On arriving is when the butterflies quick in. When I get to the venue at which the show is at, I like to walk through the crowd before the show starts just to get a feel on the atmosphere.
After doing my relaxing, cause at this moment I'm freaked out so I go to the head judge, state my name & they give me my number. I go backstage, go in the dressing room, slip on some water just to keep my body refreshed.
It is a long process because I have to until the other categories before mine finishes. Few hours late reply you are then notified to prepare for your category. I take the time to go over my walk, take off my track gear & do a little touch up on the tan & at this point oil is rubbed on my body.
Pre judging takes awhile because of the amount of females in my category. Obviously, I'm freaking out once again because all of these girls have their walk on point or very comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I was confident in my stage work, but watching other people it can be intimidating.

Your turn comes & everything just goes through ones mind. What if I fall? What if I have a wardrobe malfunction? Etc. The walk is either an I walk T walk. Then, you are judge amongst all the females in your category & that alone for me is another mind racing event? Am I showing fatty areas? Am I pull hard enough to show muscles? Am I going to turn the right direction? Etc. People from different directions yelling & cameras everywhere so you try's to please everyone in the room.

Finals is my favourite part of the night. After pre judging I usually go & eat something because the lights drained me, I'm hungry from the small diet I would try & my toes are screaming, but that is also the time where you know this is the moment. Before getting result receiving results it is another hour wait so you get a lot of things done. Result time comes around & position number 6 is called & inset you feel good because you aren't in 6th place, but still nervous because you have 5 more positions to go. We are now at 3rd to 1st & I'm thinking, did I workout enough? Could I have done better? Maybe I should of dieted a little harder?
To be honest, I won't trade it. Competition matured me as an individual. It taught how to be a team player, opened my eyes to a lot especially when it comes to my weak areas.

I would like to be a trained personal trainer, but I do help people with what I learnt. My future plans also go out of the competition a bit. I am currently pushing my modeling career & I won't be able to do all that I do with it weren't for my manager. When I'm not available for a photo/video shoot, I am usually called on to assist other upcoming models. Also, I'm in the process of starting my own events so I'm plans going forward will be positive & good, hopefully.

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