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My name is Bunny Siv. I am from Los Angeles, California. I am 28 years old. I started my fitness journey in 2012. Goldís gym was the very first gym I decided to join. I honestly knew nothing about fitness when I joined. I never lifted any weights. All I knew was cardio. I first got into competition in 2015. I decided to sign up for a bikini show. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was very lost with everything I had to do. I didnít know how much work I had to put in. The first time I tried a low carb diet. My trainer had me intake carbs on heavy lifting days and on days that I wasnít lifting, I would only intake protein and greens. The diet was so much different from what I was used to. I never meal prepped in my life so it was all new to me. I love food so having so many restrictions for me was a test. I was craving everything! I mean EVERYTHING!

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After a few weeks, my meal prep started to get very plain. I was eating the same thing every day. It got very tiring. The diet was very strict. Once it got down to the last 2 weeks before show day, my trainer had me decrease my calories, so I was starving!! But I still had to drink 1 gallon of water each day, which I found very difficult since Iím so tiny. How can a tiny person like me consume that much water???!? But I did it. I think the hardest part that I found very difficult was the posing. I never been in a beauty pageant or walked on stage before especially in heels. The only time I ever done that was graduation day and that was years ago. I watched a few videos and got a few pointers from girls that worked out at my gym that did bikini shows before. I learned a few poses but I wasnít so confident in them. I found having to hold the poses very difficult. My body would cramp up so much.

Training for the contest was different then my usual training. I had to do 30-40 mins of cardio in the morning and I hate doing cardio. Cardio was my least favorite work out of all time. But it had to be done. I found out HITT was more effective because it burned almost the same amount of calories with less amount of time. I was lifting more weights. I felt myself getting stronger and looking very lean.

One day out from show day, we had to check in at the hotel to get our badge numbers, spray tan and also NPC card to compete. I was amazed to see so many fit people at check-in. I wasnít sure how I was going to compete against these girls. When show day came, I was feeling nervous, scared, hungry, excited. It was just mixed emotions all over the place. I just wanted to eat already. I couldnít have any water that day because my trainer had me dehydrate my body so my definition would show more. Before the prejudging, I was eating rice cakes and peanut butter. Just little nibbles here and there. Once it was time to get on stage, I was getting more nervous. My heart was being fast and thoughts of me falling on stage were replaying in my mind. I remember feeling so much more relieved after the prejudging was done. The only thing I didnít realize was that the finals were going to be hours later. After the show was done, I was so happy to just be able to eat again. I did not place for my first show, which was okay. I wasnít expecting to place but I have to say the experience was amazing. I learned a few things about my body I did not know was possible.

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I did a few more shows after the first one, and I changed up my diet. I got to know my body a little better with a few different diets and found what worked for me. On my 3rd competition, I placed on the top 5. I was very proud of myself for how far I have come since the beginning. Fitness became a lifestyle for me. It helped me become more confident in myself and even my posing got better. I am now working on my 4th competition, which is on May 27, 2017. Iím aiming for first this time so I can qualify for nationals. The goal is to get my pro card. My training got better and I feel more confident that I can bring home the gold this time.

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